by Tammy Phillips
September 4, 2020

 “‘Call to Me and I will answer you and show [and tell] you great and mighty things, fenced in and hidden, which you do not know (do not distinguish and recognize, have knowledge of and understand).’” (Jeremiah 33:3 AMPC)

Formally, a calling card, also called a business or visiting card, is a small card with the name, title, address, phone number and email of a person, for presenting when making a business or social calls.  Informally, a calling card is any mark, sign, trace, characteristic, or the like by which someone or something can be recognized.  A calling card is also called phone card.  It is a prepaid card that can be used to make a telephone call at home or away from home.(

The Lord left us His calling card in Jeremiah 33:2-3.  In verse two He establishes who He is and gives us His name.  His title is Maker, Former, and Establisher of the earth.  The Lord is His name.  In verse three, He literally “text messages” us,  “Call me!  I am the Lord. I made it all. I formed it all. I established it all.  If you need to know anything about anything, I know it.  Call me.  I will answer you!  I am eager to show and tell you great and mighty, hidden, fenced in things…things you do not know.   If you call me, I will show and tell you all about it.  Know what that means?  I will make it conspicuous.  It will be obvious to your eye and easily seen.  I will put  it right in front of you.  It will stand out boldly because I will make it manifest to you. I will show you.  I will tell you.  I will give you a report. I will message you. It will be in plain sight; I will bring it to the light. It will be clearly visible.”

The Lord wants to be in business with us.  He wants to partner and reveal Himself to us.   He wants to lead and guide us.  He wants to show and tell us what we need to know, when we need to know it.

I enCOURAGE you not to tuck His card deep in your wallet, but to remember it.  Pick it up.  Use it. “Text” or call Him.  Your calling card is also a prepaid card.  It was paid for with the precious blood of Jesus and can been used anytime to reach the throne of God.  I guarantee He will answer, text, show and tell you great and mighty things.  

“Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” (Hebrews 4:16 NKJV)



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