by Tammy Phillips
April 17, 2022

Matthew 26-28; Mark 14-15; Luke 22-24

Slow read and think of what all Jesus did for us…

Jesus stepped out of heaven to save us.

Jesus bowed down and washed the nasty dirty, stinky feet of Judas who He knew was going to betray Him.

Jesus even gave Judas a prime seat near Him at the very last dinner He was going to have with his beloved disciples.

Jesus called him friend in the garden where Judas betrayed Jesus and loved Judas unconditionally  to the end.

Jesus endured three different trials where He was falsely accused  by the religious of the day before being sent to the cross.  He said NOTHING in His defense.

Jesus was mocked.

Jesus  was slapped  and punched in the face.

Jesus  was spit at.

Jesus said nothing.

After they finally judged Him guilty for answering the question, “Are you the Son of God?”

Jesus was beaten to near death.

Jesus was stripped of his clothes.

Jesus was shamed by the soldiers. They dressed him like a king in a scarlet robe.

Jesus was pierced when they placed a crown of thorns on his head…again mocking Him as king.

Jesus was given a reed staff for His right hand and then later beat with it.

Jesus was spat on again.

Jesus  was stripped again and sent to the cross.

Jesus was judged as a criminal and crucified beside two.

Jesus was mocked again by passers by.  What did He say, “Father, forgive them?  They don’t know what they are doing?”

Has anyone else ever loved you that much?  Will anyone ever? No!  Only Jesus, the Savior would humble himself to the point of death in exchange for your life.  He did that for you and me.

But then…HE ROSE.  He shook the world and HE ROSE. He defeated death. Bam!  He did that for us, so that we can follow His example and rise in Him, too.  Thank you, Jesus!

I enCOURAGE you to think about what He did for you and me.   I could not do it and neither to you.  I couldn’t get pass Judas betraying me, nor keeping my mouth shut in self-defense.  HE DID NOTHING WRONG.  It was us!  He did it all for us! We choose to stay parked in offense and pain when he led the way and showed us to move on and love.   He loved us so much that He took every mock, punch, lashing,  spit and even a shameful death.  He did that for us! 

What have you done for Him lately?  He requires nothing but for you to choose, love and listen to Him.   As you think of what He did and does, choose Him.  He is the only way.   He did it all for us, so that we could spend forever with Him.  Choose Jesus.

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