by Tammy Phillips
July 25, 2021

Has the Lord called you to Him?  Are you following Him?  Has He told you to do something and you have not been obedient?  Sadly, I can answer yes to this question.  I have tried on and off for years to lose weight, but have I done it?  I can say I have started, like Israel, but I have not finished the job.  I have known for years to exercise self-control.  I have “tried,” but I have not exercised sound mind.  I just haven’t done it, but I am doing it… now!   Israel had been directed to rebuild God’s House.  They had been slacking for fourteen years.  They also knew what to do, but like me, they gave God a lot of excuses.  Haggai under the direction of the Lord encouraged them in the right way to go to accomplish His will.   Following are the guides of Haggai that pointed Israel and in the right directions.  They will do the same for us.


  2. HEAR, listen, answer, attend, AND OBEY THE VOICE/call of the LORD
  3. And the word of the prophets sent by the Lord
  4. FEAR THE LORD. Revere and stand in awe of  the LORD.  Be amazed in the presence of God.




  1. BE STIRRED. It is the LORD who stirred up everyone’s spirit.  Do you feel the Lord stirring your spirit?   We can do nothing without the Lord and all things with Him. Nothing like the God of the universe to stir things up. The Hebrew word for stirred up is ʿûr and it means:  to be hot, ardent, alert, watchful, awake, aroused.  It is the idea of the eyes being opened and wide awake. 
  2. GET TO WORK. The Lord told them what to do and stirred them up. They listened.  They went to work on the house of the Lord.

Haggai 2:3

  1. SEE WORK AS IMPORTANT AND DON’T COMPARE. They compared their work to Solomon’s work on the Temple and thought it was nothing.  If God calls us to do or give anything, IT IS NOT INSIGNIFICANT!  IT IS SIGNIFICANT work for the kingdom.  We have to do our part, plant the seed, and trust Him to grow it.

Haggai 2:4

  2. WORK. Do it. Make it happen.  Commit.  Execute.  Keep it going.  Get after it.
  3. The LORD says: “I AM WITH YOU.” We are doing His work with Him.

Haggai 2:5

  1. NOT STANDING OR WAITING ALONE   According to His word and His blood covenant, the Spirit remained in the middle with Israel.  According to His word and the new blood covenant in Jesus, His Spirit remains in the middle of us. He was with them, but He is in us. He remains, stand, endures, continues, and waits with us. 
  2. DO NOT FEAR. Do not be frightened by anything.  Don’t be frightened by the obstacle nor  task ahead. We are not alone. If the Lord calls you to it, He will help you through it. 

Haggai 2:8

  1. HIS RESOURCES ARE UNLIMITED.   All the gold and silver are His!  All power is His.  All might is His. All authority is His. He will supply us with everything we need to get the hob done.

I enCOURAGE you to listen to the word of the LORD.  He is calling.  Fearlessly, follow the word of God for your life.   He will instruct you and teach you the right way to go. (Psalm 32:8).  In summary, Haggai gave great consult to Israel to get the job done:  Listen. Obey. Fear the LORD. (It is the beginning of wisdom.)  Know the LORD is with you and stirring you.  Do it.  Be strong!  As always, be resolute and just do it with the LORD.  He will give you all you need to get you going the right way.  You cannot go the wrong way with the LORD. 




One thought on “HOW TO GO THE RIGHT WAY”

  1. ❤❤❤ I hear your words and know they are truth. Wonder about others who read, without receiving. I pray for everyone reading this post to have “ears to hear.”

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