by Tammy Phillips
July 2, 2021

“Nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God. that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:39)

“I was one way, and now I’m completely different.  And the thing that happened in between…was Him.”  (Mary Magdalene from The Chosen) 

Mary Magdalene lived a double life.  She was kind and gentle. Evil would visit and take her to a dark place where she was not her true self.  Then she met Jesus, He delivered her from the darkness, and she began to follow Him.  She was doing well, but then terror and trauma came for a visit.  She listened to the loud voices of fear and doubt.  She ran.  Mary turned her back on Jesus and the other disciples and went back to her old ways. BUT GOD!  In His infinite compassion, grace, and mercy, He love Mary back to Himself.  Listen to this conversation between them upon her return:

Jesus (full of grace):   
“So, it’s good to have you back!”

Mary (shamefully):    
“I don’t know what to say.”

Jesus (gently):              
“I don’t require much.”

Mary (honestly):        
“I am just so ashamed.  You redeemed me and I just threw it all away.

Jesus (smiling):           
“That’s not much of a redemption if it can be lost in a day, is it?”

Mary (dismayed):      
“I owe you everything. I just don’t think I can do it.”

Jesus (shrugs):           
“Do what?”

Mary (humbly):          
“Live up to it.  Repay you. How could I leave? How could I go back to the place I was?  I didn’t even come back on my own. They had to come get me. I just can’t live up to it.”

Jesus (mercifully)       
“That’s true…but you don’t have to.  I just want your heart.  The Father just wants your heart.  Give us that… which you already have, and the rest will come in time.  Did you really think that you would never struggle or  sin again?  I know how painful that moment was for you.”

Mary (remorseful):    
 “I shouldn’t!”

Jesus (hopeful):
“Someday… but not here.”

Mary (tearfully):        
“I am just so sorry.”

Jesus (lovingly):          
“Look up.”

Mary (crushed):         
“I can’t.”

Jesus (encourages):   
“You can.  Look at me.”

Mary (tearfully):        
Looks up into the loving eyes of Jesus.

Jesus (adoringly and emphatically):       
“I forgive you.  It’s over.”

Jesus lovingly says the same to you and me. 

This is a description and excerpt from “The CHOSEN”, Season 2, Episode 6.  I saw my own flaws and struggles in the character of Mary.  I also saw the victory she encountered through Jesus.   It made me ask why any of us would every turn back on Him after experiencing freedom in His salvation.

The CHOSEN is a media series based on the true stories of the gospels of Jesus.  This show allows us to see Christ through the eyes of His disciples.  We get a glimpse of  their lives before Him.  We see  their encounters with Jesus, where they accept Him as the Messiah and how they were radically transformed after following Him.  The show combines scripture and artistic license.  This excerpt is not an actual conversation, but an artistic image  pointing us to the truth and intention of scripture.    Holy Spirit used the show to illustrate His great love toward us. 

I enCOURAGE you to take time and watch the CHOSEN.  As I have said many times before, Holy Spirit will use anything and everything to draw us closer to Him.  This series helps bring the Bible to life.  I am sure you will find a character that you can identify with, particularly the character of Jesus.  Keep your eyes open.  Holy Spirit is calling us back and closer to Him every day and in any way.

PS…This episode aired last week.  I just happened to watch it yesterday, 2 days after I posted, “GOD LOVES ME BACK.” 



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