by Tammy Phillips
June 8, 2021

 I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; They shall never hold their peace, day or night. You who make mention of the LORD, do not keep silent, And give Him no rest till He establishes And till He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth. (Isa 62:6-7 NKJV)

 The LORD’s mission is salvation.  If we have the heart of the Lord, it should be ours, too.  In the Old Testament, His quest was to save His country, Israel, His city, Jerusalem, and His people.  Ultimately, we find out His objective was to not only save the Jew but also Gentile, that is us.  The LORD says in Isaiah 62:1 that for Jerusalem’s sake, He would not hold His peace nor rest, until Zion’s righteousness brightly went forth and her salvation was burning like a bright torch.  Since we are considered Gentiles and the Lord came to save both Jew and Gentile, we can replace our name or the names of loved ones where the word Israel, Jerusalem or Zion is used.  

The LORD is passionate for all of His creation.  He will continue to call His people home.  He is resolute about the salvation of all.  It is His very heartbeat.  He will not rest until His purposes are accomplished.    Until He holds His peace and returns for us, He appoints the called to join Him.  

A restless Savior calls his people to be restless, and to make the Lord himself restless to give him no rest till his chosen city is in full splendor, his chosen church complete and glorious.” -C.H. Spurgeon

Every Christian has a divine appointment with the Lord.   Isaiah 62:6 states I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem.  The word “set” is the Hebrew word, pāqaḏ, meaning:visit, appoint, charge to the care of, oversee, pay attention, attend to, look after.  The LORD has called us to be watchmen on the wall.   

In Bible times, cities were surrounded with thick walls to protect the insiders from intruders.  Watchmen were scattered around the wall to look out for the enemy in order to keep the insiders safe.  Watchmen had to stay awake and alert in order to see the oncoming enemy. When they saw a threat, they would warn the insiders.  Warriors would ascend with sword and shield to defend the city.

As watchmen on the wall, we are commissioned to guard and warn our families, friends, our neighborhoods, cities, states, and nation of danger.  Like watchmen of old, we are to be resolute, steadfast, and immovable in our appointment.  We are told in Ephesians 6 to stand, stand, and stand.

Watchmen on assignment never hold their peace, day, or night. Watchmen do not retreat because it is hard, or the day turns to night. Watchmen are never off duty because the battle is always roaring. My Bible says pray without ceasing.  Isaiah says we are to never be silent praying, warning, encouraging others of the threat of the enemy but, more importantly the safety found in the Lord.  

Watchmen “mention” the Lord and do not keep silent.  The word mention means remember, recall, record, be mindful.  It also is a derivative that means mark.   Spurgeon calls us the Lord’s Remembrancers.   You have heard the phrase, “mark my word.”  We are to do that exactly .  We are to mark the word/promise of the Lord.  We are to remind the Lord and His people of His promises, ever interceding for the hearts and lives of others. In fact, Isaiah says we are to give the Lord no rest.  It is not like the Lord can forget.  We are to remind God and others of His greatness, His mercy, His grace, and His salvation, continually.  Honestly, I believe this part of the appointment is to remind us of who He is and what He said.  It builds our faith to believe in what He has promised.  Note: if we don’t know the promises, we sure cannot use them.  As Watchmen, we must know His promises to remember them.  You do not remember what you do not know.

In conclusion Watchman…

I enCOURAGE you in your divine appointment to carry out your assignment from the King of Kings. The King has called.  Will you answer?

NEVER hold your peace, day nor night.  Sisters and brothers, we are on call, 24/7.  Get used to it. Always be on and alert.  Be a Remembrancer for the Lord and do not keep silent about Him nor His word. He says, “Put Me in remembrance.” (Isa 43:26 NKJV) Put Him in remembrance.  Mark His words.  Give Him no rest.  It’s not like the Protector ever sleeps or slumbers anyway.  (Psalm 121:4) Follower of Christ, I hope you see your importance in the Kingdom work of God. There are many who need to come home.  Embrace the heart and call of the Lord. Let’s get to work.


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