by Tammy Phillips (and  Lana Vawser)
March 30, 2021

Can you say the title five times fast?  LOL.  

HOLY SPIRIT WILL USE EVERYONE AND ANYONE TO REACH YOU.  I want to show you today how other brothers and sister can speak into your life, if you will open the door and allow them to speak to you on the inside.    Lana Vawser is one of them for me.  She is a sister in Christ that lives in Australia.  I love her heart. Honestly, we do not know each other, but we have the same heavenly Father. He speaks to us in the exact same way.   He often uses the exact same words.  It is absolutely amazing to me.   The Lord has used her to confirm many things that Holy Spirit has spoken to me, and often, it is just a day or two after.    

 “Lana Vawser has a heart to encourage the body of Christ and individuals in their walks with Jesus; deeper intimacy with Him; and learning to hear His voice. Lana operates in the prophetic and loves to share the heart of God with others.”  -Lana Vawser Ministries

I am an enCOURAGER; she is an encourager.  We all should be.  Remember, I told you a few days back that I had been hearing the buzz word “RESTORE,” a lot in last part of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. (I have one sister that if I say, RESOLUTE, she will say, RESTORE.) I have heard that word a lot in the past three years.  I have definitely heard it a lot since the Lord told me I was an “Interior Designer” for Him.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Georgia in Interior Design. I never actually worked in that field, but God has shown me that He wanted me to encourage others in their “interior design,” what is on the inside.  I have come to learn over the years of walking with the Lord that the inside is so much more important than the out.  Don’t get me wrong, I so appreciate good interior design in the home. However, it is your temple that is the MOST important.

Can you imagine my amazement when Lana posted: “I heard the Lord thunder over many, RESTORED.”  She also used the same word…REALIGN…which is another word Holy Spirit had been speaking to me.  Actually, RESOLUTELY ALIGN:  BE PLUMB not PLUMP is my progressive word for 2021.

As I read over her words again, I am encouraged!  I “bolded” the buzz words that I have heard in my life.  Actually, I am in tears!  God has done EXACTLY these things in my life since this post.  I am realizing that God has done exactly what He said He would do!

He is restoring, RESOLUTELY REALIGINING, refreshing, and reviving me.  I was “weighed down” by the battle and by literal weight.  I will share later how God spent a week or so talking to me about the “DO IT” and how on February 14, He breathed on me in the most precious way.  Lastly, creativity in the assignment.  He absolutely changed the how and why of my assignment of encouragement.  Who wants to bare their soul and journey?  He has required bold faith and courage, and told me not to be afraid, for where I guide, I provide.  WOW.  God you are above and beyond. 

I enCOURAGE you to read the excerpt from her post below and be encouraged, too!


Over the last week, I have been taken into an encounter after encounter with the Lord where He has been speaking to me about health, healing, wholeness, freedom, and refreshing over the battle-weary saints right now. I have released a number of words in the last few days at the prompting of the Holy Spirit because He is wanting to deeply encourage those wounded warriors right now that there is a mighty move of His hand upon them to bring a refresh, reset, and realignment.

As I sat with the Lord this morning I was taken into an encounter with the Lord where He showed me a ‘word’ that was over the lives of many of His children right now. 

I heard His voice THUNDER and He said: “RESTORED”.

When he spoke that word “RESTORED” the sense surrounded me so strongly that it was a DEEP, FORTIFIED restoration. This was a restoration that was unlike any restoration that these ones had experienced before. This was truly MIRACULOUS. 

The hand of the Lord coming in power and strength to bring the most miraculous REALIGNMENT and RESTORATION that these ones had ever seen.

What struck me was not only the depth and demonstration of restoration that was taking place but that the restoration was MULTI-FACETED. It wasn’t just in one area, this was almost like a domino effect of restoration by the power of the Lord. I have had many words over the last year and a half about this being the era of the reintroduction of the power of God and how we are going to see that manifest in NUMEROUS ways in this new era, but one of the ways I believe God is about to demonstrate His power is through the miraculous restoration that is bursting forth. There will be NO OTHER EXPLANATION for this restoration but that it was the POWER of Almighty God.

“Then he said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts.” (Zechariah 4:6)

I heard the Lord say “COMPLETELY restored, COMPLETELY transformed.” This level of restoration that the Lord is bringing is not ‘partial’ restoration, this is a complete restoration and complete transformation. Lacking in nothing. Overflow. Abundance.”

I hear the Holy Spirit saying “THERE WILL BE REST IN THE RESET”


The Lord showed me that through the battle many have endured over the last while, they have lost their “joy” in what the Lord has called them to do. 

There has been a strong feeling of ‘burnout’ and ‘hopelessness’ because of the battle, but the Lord is going to RESTORE the JOY again to that which He has called you to. How? I saw deep encounters with Jesus taking place where the Lord will remind you again of who He is, He will remind you again of the hope of your calling, the joy of what you have been assigned to, and the place of rest in Him in the deep place of intimacy that refreshes your heart and soul and brings you back to the place of joy in partnering with Him in what He has called you to do.

The enemy has fought HARD to have many of you “weighed down” by the battle and to be “overwhelmed” by the warfare and difficulty of the assignment, but the Lord is going to remind you of His grace, His empowerment, and that it is by HIS SPIRIT that you accomplish that which He has asked you to do. 

There is such a deep place of rest I am seeing coming upon you for your assignments and new assignments the Lord has for you in this new era. It doesn’t mean there won’t be warfare, but the restoration of JOY in partnering with Jesus in all He has for you to do in the earth is going to refresh your heart and strengthen you afresh. 

As He leads you deeper into the place of rest, you will WAR from the place of REST. You will build from the place of rest. You will run from the place of rest. 

The Lord is wanting to deeply minister to your soul. It’s a deep restoration, a deep refreshment, a deep reset and revival from WITHIN that is going to change how you do things in the natural and the outworking of your calling.

The Lord whispered ‘THEY ARE COMING ALIVE AGAIN in all that I have for them to do! Oh, the JOY and LIFE that they will find again in partnering with Me and the new things I have for them to do in this new era. The enemy may have come fiercely to weary them, but the supernatural empowering restoration of My spirit is going to not only bring them back to LIFE in their calling and anointing but their capacity ‘to do’ with Me in this new era will MAJORLY increase. The JOY that I am restoring to them in the deep place of intimacy is not dependent upon anything in the natural realm, it is found in this deep well of intimacy with Me. The battle has hindered intimacy with Me for many, but I am their Beloved, I am their Avenger, I am their Defender, and I am here to restore, I am here to revive, I am here to resurrect, I am here to realign, I am here to BREATHE MY LIFE into them again. It’s time for these ones who have lost the joy of their assignment to be RESTORED to JOY and delight in partnering with Me in such deep ways.”


The Holy Spirit continued to whisper:

“As this restoration of JOY in Me and their assignment takes place, I am bringing them into a new realm of CREATIVE DOWNLOADS in their assignments. Creativity will begin to explode as I show them the new ways of building with Me, the new ways of partnering with Me creatively in this new era in their assignment ERUPTS into their lives from My heart. I am going to completely revamp things with My creativity in their assignments right now and for this new era, and the CREATIVE DOWNLOADS they will receive from encountering Me and My heart is going to restore such JOY in the assignment. I am releasing creative strategies to them on such a deep level, many will look and say “WOW, that is so fresh, it’s so NEW, I have NEVER seen that before.” The anointing will be so thick and so heavy, so fresh, that it will be VERY clear that it has been birthed out of My heart and the throne room of heaven. Implementing in obedience the creative strategy and downloads that I will release will not only see the power of My Spirit move to impact and change lives on a scale that has never been seen, but it will draw in the harvest in such unprecedented ways, salvation will EXPLODE all around.”

“My people, as My creative strategy is released from My heart, take it and run with it in the ways that I lead you. The ‘never been done before’ creative strategies will require bold faith and courage, but do not be afraid, for where I guide, I provide, and My favour will explode upon your obedience. Listen not to the ‘naysayers’, follow My voice and direction, and you will see the most incredible demonstrations of My creative power within your assignments and through your assignments in this hour. Oh, the joy set before you in partnering with Mein the new things I have for you. You are about to see what a creative God I really am.”

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