by Tammy Phillips
March 14, 2021
(This is a repost from last year around this time.  Sadly, many Americans have been affected and infected by the noisome pestilence.  This is still a truth for today.  Turn off the noise and turn on the truth of the word of God.)

“Surely, he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, [and] from the noisome pestilence. (Psalm 91:3 KJV)”

I arose and began my day and as I passed by the mirror, I glanced at myself. I did not like what I saw. The person looking back at me, frightened me.  I did not recognize her.  She looked worried.  In one of the craziest 48 hours I have ever endured, I had listened to the all the “noisome pestilence.”  The noise was loud and coming from EVERY direction like fiery darts.  I had let the noise affect and distract me.  It had briefly infected me like the stupid virus they were ranting about.

What had contaminated me? The “noisome” which in Hebrew is the word havah which means mischievous; calamity; ruin; fall; destruction…and derives from the word hava which means to breath and rush headlong in to.

“Pestilence” is the Hebrew word deber.  It means plague, destruction, and death, BUT it comes from the word dabar which means…WORDS; to put words in order; to plot against; to lay snares to destroy.

I gather from my word search that the interpretation of noisome pestilence is the mischievous breath of words put in order to plague, trap and destroy me!  All the media outlets used words to incite me to fear and I took the bait.  BUT GOD… In a moment, delivered and snatched me away from the “snares of the fowler,” The bait-layer.  He allowed me to see me!  I immediately chose Jesus! I chose to listen to the Words of my Daddy. “Surely, he will deliver me!”  I smiled big in that mirror and said, “Not today!  Fear you don’t own me!  My Daddy, my Heavenly Father has got me…forever!”

I enCOURAGE you to not take the bait of the enemy!   He is a noisy pest.  Don’t worry during this troublesome time.  Rejoice in the saving words of our Heavenly Father!   Smile and put your praise on!  Turn off the noise!


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