by Tammy Phillips
March 8, 2021

“Set a guard, O Lord, before my mouth; keep watch at the door of my lips.”  (Psalm 141:3 AMPC)

When I read Psalm 141:3, I envisioned the Queen’s Guard posted at each side of my mouth.  The purpose of the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace is:

  • To pay attention to the enemy
  • Protection of the Queen
  • Protection of the Queen’s home
  • Protection of the Queen’s family
  • To exemplify discipline.
  • Guards do not take a break for anything
  • Guards watch the door, entrance and exit.
  • Guards allow no one, nor no thing in without permission of the Queen.

Our Lord does the same thing for us, but even better.  

I enCOURAGE you to allow the Lord to set a guard at the corners of your mouth and to watch what you say through the swinging door of your lips.

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