by Tammy Phillips
November 14, 2020 

David encouraged himself in the LORD his God. (1 Samuel 30:6 KJV)

My husband, Kris does not love the morning hours, but I love watching him in the morning, prepare for the day.  He  speaks encouraging words to himself.  He gives strengthens himself with a pep talk most days.  He cracks me up and this may be too much information.  When he enters the shower, he continues his encouraging routine and  lifts up his spirits by turning up the music.  He encourages himself. 

In 1 Samuel 30, David and his men were coming back home.  The return had been a long, three-day journey. They were probably tired and hungry. They may have been a little discouraged because the Philistines would not let them join the battle.  How good does it feel when you have been on a trip and you turn the corner to home?  When they came to Ziklag, their city, they found it burned, empty and plundered by the Amalekites.  All their women and children were missing. David’s two wives were gone.  It looked like everything was lost.  Ever been in that kind of situation where you have lost all hope? 

They wept until they had no strength to weep no more. Have you cried to the point that you felt like you had no more tears to cry? 

David was greatly distressed and discouraged.  He was in the squeeze.  His wives were missing.  His men were very upset with him. They were so grieved in their loss that talked about stoning him.  Have you ever felt that alone and been that low and discouraged?  Have lost hope?

David was at his lowest, BUT he encouraged himself in the Lord.

He did not lay down to the loss.  He did not wait for someone else to strengthen him. He reached out and took the strength of God that raised Jesus from the grave.  The LORD was his strength, all he had at the time and all he needed.  The LORD’s strength was there for him the whole time, but he had to take it.  This was the courage of God making itself real in the heart of a broken, hurting, discouraged man. This was strength to rise. It was strength to fight.  It was strength to take back what the enemy had stolen.  It was strength to conquer. 

Are you low? Are you discouraged?  Are you at the end of your ropes?  Encourage yourself in the LORD your God. He does not play favorites.  As his kids, we are all his favorites.  He will strengthen you like he did David.

David went to the Lord and asked if he should pursue the enemy and if he would overtake them.  The LORD told him to pursue and the he would overtake and recover all. The Lord gave him an action plan and a promise.

Have you sincerely gone to the Lord and asked him what to do about your specific situation? Have you waited for an answer?  Do you believe what Holy Spirit spoke to you?

David encouraged himself.  Encourage yourself.  Remember, God’s great love for you.  Remember, God’s promise and call on your life. Remember, God’s past deliverances in your life.    David did.  He went armed and strengthened with the encouragement of the Lord into battle.  David went to battle from dawn until evening of the next day. He recovered all that was lost as promised and more.  

I enCOURAGE you to strengthen and encourage yourself in the Lord.  Besides, God, you are your greatest ally and you can be your own worst enemy. Go to battle to recover what the enemy has stolen from you. The Lord goes before you and it is his battle.  He will help you recover all you have lost and more.

I encourage you that before you get out of bed and your feet touch the floor to meditate which means murmur. Encourage yourself and say:  “I am brave.  I am strong. I am courageous. I will not be shaken.  I am healed, whole and complete. I am a conqueror. I am an overcomer.  God, you are my God.  You are the same yesterday and forever.  I will recover what the enemy has stolen and more. I can do nothing without you and all things with you. I will stand. I will be #resolute2020.”


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