by Tammy Phillips
October 13, 2020

 “And don’t forget to do good [and be kind] and to share with those in need. These are the sacrifices that please God”. -Hebrews 13:16 NLT

On Kris’ birthday a peaceful protest occurred in downtown Nashville on Public Square.  It was called #LetUsWorship.  Nashville was its forty third stop. I wanted to attend, but it was Kris’ birthday.   I mentioned to him about going because I knew he had to work to do.   In no way did I want to dishonor him on his day, nor make him fill less loved.  As a follower of Christ, his words to me were, “I told you that I am not taking on God.”  He knows God is my number one.  I am so thankful for his unwavering support of anything that God calls me to do.

Last minute, I volunteered to partner with the event, serve on the prayer team and support the local coordinator.  I arrived early to help but could never connect with the ground coordinator. I found a spot, out of the way, on the shallow courthouse steps that formed the base of the make-shift stage.  It was the perfect place to participate in the event and watch people arrive.  I prayed and watched. 

One hour before the event, I was politely asked to move at sound check because videographers would use this space and three feet in front of the steps to do their jobs.  I obliged, moved aside and stood up against a fence.  Soon after, a young woman dressed in a purple sweater and a woman in athletic apparel including tennis shoes plopped in on “my spot.”  Immediately, they were asked to move, too.  Purple sweater announced that older woman was “handicapped.”  They had told me that they had not planned well because old woman had a bum knee.  What they did not know was that my knee was in the process of being healed, but I never said a word.  I also did not suggest that maybe they should occupy one of the many park benches surrounding public square.  Like me, they wanted to be front, but not center.  Purple encouraged older to disobey the stagehands request, stay seated and not to move.  Older told purple to keep the three feet space clear so that they would not be made to move. They took authority of that space.  I crucified my flesh and said nothing.  You better believe I wanted to say: “Get out of my seat! I have been here for an hour. Listen and obey.”  Neither of them was acting Christ like, I decided that maybe I should.  I “put on Christ.”   I resolved to be kind, do good, and keep my mouth shut.  Praised God, I did. 

Oddly enough, Purple did not even know who Sean Feucht, the worship leader, was.  I pointed him out to her.  They quietly sat by and observed as worship began.  To my knowledge, they did not sing, say, or pray; they watched.  We worshipped.  We prayed for our city, state, and nation.  When Sean invited people to follow Jesus who was one of the first people to step out and run to the call?  PURPLE!    Thank God, I chose the High Road this time!  I got to watch the coolest miracle of God happen right before my eyes.  Holy Spirit had wooed another soul back to Him!

I enCOURAGE you to be kind and do good.  Share with those in need.  It pleases our Dad.  Kris reminded me about ministering to the one WHO IS SITTING BESIDE YOU?

*Let me confess, within 24 hours of this event, I was unkind to someone for no reason other than being tired. No excuse! Gratefully, they ignored my ugly.  I have confessed my sin to God and them. I know that I am forgiven and that is why I need Jesus.  Thank God, He is not done with me nor you yet!


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