The Toccoa RIver, March 25, 2023

by Tammy Phillips
March 27, 2023

“Be still  and know that I [am] God!” (Psalm 46:10 NKJV)

Most Christians know this portion of Psalm 46:10, but what does this verse really suggest? What does it look like to get in the presence of the Lord, and be still?  When we use His phone number, Jeremiah 33:3, and we call Him, He will answer!  He will show us hidden things we do not know in His word, even if we have read and heard it a million times. 

For the past days, I cannot get away from the phrase “BE STILL,” and Psalms 46:10.

  • I heard it in a blog from Lana Vawser.
  • I heard it in a You Tube video a friend sent me.
  • I heard it in my prayer time.
  • I heard it during “Cover Tennessee Prayer time”
  • I read it in an email from a friend.
  • It is the scripture written at the bottom of my journal as I write this TODAY.
  • It is in notes I just reread from prayer.
  • I heard it when God cancelled my original plans to go to Georgia in order that we could have  a three -day faith-cation.  He called into the stillness of His presence.
  • I heard it  a week later while sitting in the cool of the morning on a friends deck in the Blue Ridge mountains.
  • I even saw it while shopping on the side of an inspirational cube in TJMAXX. (Yes, I bought it.) 

“I hear you Lord.   I really do.”  Then it was almost as if Holy Spirit said, “Do you?  Let me show you what I really mean.”

He showed me alright.  He showed that  “be still” means:

  • To slacken
  • To not be tense
  • To hang loose
  • To relax
  • To slow down
  • To sink down
  • To cast down
  • To throw down
  • To let go
  • To drop

I heard Holy Spirit loudly say so that I could understand, “To be still is to drop everything!  Drop everything.  Let it go.”

Drop every worry, anxiety, and fear.
Drop  your family problems, job challenges and finance woes.
Drop your hurts, pains, and  impossibilities.
Drop your bitterness, backbiting, and blabbering.
Drop your “I-know-everything.”
Drop your “I-need-to-help-out-with-this.”
Drop your control, you list of  “to-dos” and  your list of  “have-to-get-done.”
Drop your phone, I-pad and computer.

“Be still (soft voice)…and KNOW  I AM God (roaring voice) Know, see, experience, be acquainted with, discover I AM GOD.” – Father God

Friend, I hear your response, “I cannot just drop everything.”  YES. You can.  Let go and let God.  I hear other’s say , “ I cannot just take off three days from work and spend with God.”

That is my call, not yours.  I am so very blessed,  I know that.  I am blessed to spend unlimited  time with God, but I choose to spend it with Him.  I could be doing other things.  I could be playing 4 hours of golf (nothing wrong with that!), but have I been still and gotten in the presence of God.  I could be watching a baseball game or TV show (nothing wrong with that), but how much time have I spent allowing God to reveal more of himself to me. I could be attempting  to do my job and be frustrated by the push back of the day.   I could come home from that  long, trying day and  choose to get lost in the web, reels, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram in an attempt to leave the weight of the day behind.   All of those things are KNOWLEDGE, good or bad, but have I been still?  Have I dropped everything to step into that Intimate place with Almighty, All Loving? Am I knowing Him?   He is our Help. He is all power. He is our Strength.  He is our Refuge and Shelter. He will be our everything if we allow Him.

God may not be calling you to a 3-day faith-cation!  However, He might  be calling you to a 10-day fishing trip with Him.   He may be just calling you to put down your phone and spend 15 minutes a day with Him.  I do not know your call.  I do not know your situation. I do not answer your call.   I do KNOW that He calls us all to  be still.  He calls us to drop everything at His feet. He calls us to throw it all down and to  get to know Him.  He is God. He can easily handle your anything,  if you will just drop your everything.

I enCOURAGE YOU to be still.  Drop everything at the throne of grace.  Get to know GOD.  Learn that He can handle it all and does not need our help.  He wants to be in Your presence and you in His.

VIVA MAGENTA:  Live.  Breathe.  Be…still.




  1. This is wonderful! People need to hear His voice and obey. It requires being still. There is no better place on earth to be. Everything seems “right” when in His presence. Just perfect peace; nothing else matters. “Oh, the glory of His presence…”

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