presented by Tammy Phillips
February 28, 2022

Today, unbeknownst to Pastor Scott Sheppard, I am turning my blog over to him.  Below is a wise and concise excerpt from Pastor Scott.  If you prefer to listen, here is the link that begins at 1:09 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZCMp1U_HEI&t=4173s ) He spoke so clearly what was on his heart and  my mine.  

by Scott Sheppard 
February 27, 2022

“I was talking to my Dad yesterday and he asked, ‘Has the world gone crazy or is God trying to tell us something? ‘- Pastor Robert Sheppard. 

 The answer to that question  is yes.

I am going to explain a little bit to you where we are on the Biblical timeline.   WE KNOW that there’s been a ridiculous attack by Russia on the Ukraine and it’s not looking good. As we’ve been in worship there is a nuclear warhead that has been set on go from Russia.  What does the Bible say about where we are?  From the perspective that I have of the word of God, is there any significance to Russia and the Ukraine?  Where are we right now as it relates to Biblical prophecy?   

First of all,  I believe we’re living in the end times.  I believe that the Lord Jesus could come back to earth at any given moment and if He does, I HOPE YOU’RE READY.  I hope you’ve told everyone you love that they need to be ready.  I don’t normally preach these kinds of sermons, but I just felt like yesterday it was appropriate and necessary.  Let me begin by saying …we are I are living in  the last days.  There are signs that the Bible tells us about.   Jesus told us to look for these signs and when you see these signs, you’ll know that the time is near.   

In Matthew 24, he Jesus says  it’ll be like labor pains of a woman…liking it to this the closer a woman gets to delivering her baby, the closer those labor pains become.  Jesus used that illustration because He wanted us to understand the closer the signs of the times become the closer, we are to His coming.  He gives us several things to be looking for in  Matthew 24. You’ll hear about lots of wars and rumors of wars.  What we’re seeing right now in Russia and the Ukraine is unparalleled.  It’s like nothing we have seen in a in a long, long, time.   It’s on a scale that none of us have witnessed.  It’s different.  Jesus also said as the time gets nearer, you’ll see plagues and if coronavirus was not a plague,  I don’t know if we will ever see one. Ebola is still the greatest plague. It took more lives than any other.

Jesus said it wouldn’t just be wars, rumors of wars, plagues.  He said he when the time draws near, there’s going to be a rising up of a leader’s who will dominate.  They’ll be deceitful.  The Bible names the leader who’s going to rise up and deceive, the Antichrist.  I believe that what we’re seeing right now from Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, is a is a sign of the things to come.   His dominant, deceptive ways….We’re seeing so much government overreach in the world…reaching beyond their boundaries.  It’s showing the world an example of what we can expect to see when the Antichrist comes on comes on the scene.

The question I get more than anything these past couple of weeks. ‘Is Russia a part of Biblical prophecy?’ Before you can really answer that question, I think it’s important for us to understand the difference between the modern and the Biblical. We have to understand the places and the players in the entire game.   We have to understand who they were then and who they are now.   Today, what the Bible calls Magog is what we call Russia.  The Bible calls Iran, Persia and  Ukraine, Gomer and Turkey, Togmorah.  There are names that we’re familiar with who carried their names all the way throughout like  Ethiopia and  

When we look at the situation that that’s taking place in Ukraine and what that means to most legitimate Bible scholars, we look at Ukraine and Russia and they will bring us back to the t Ezekiel 38.   Ezekiel prophesied about a scattering and a regathering of Jews .  If you know anything about history,  you’ll know that world wars drove most Jews out of Israel.   and they were all over the world.   Since 1948, after World War II,  when Israel was declared its own nation, there has been a regathering of Jews.  More than sixty percent of all Jews in the world have regathered to live in their homeland of Israel.  Happenstance?  I think not. Twenty- five hundred  years ago the prophet Ezekiel said it would happen. There will be a scattering and a sign of the times, would be a regathering the Jewish people back into their homeland.  and We’ve seen it happen. 

So, what about Russia? Ukraine?  What roles do they play in the Biblical timeline?  Biblical scholars take us back to Magog which is modern day Russia and to Gog which is a leader.  Gog is not a place, but a person Gog is the leader of Magog.  Gog gathers the regions together, leads the people, and is the architect of the battle that’s going take place. The Bible.  says there’ll be an overtaking of Israel…

For the Biblical timeline to be accurate Ukraine either has to become allies with Russia or Russia has to conquer Ukraine. When you read through Ezekiel  36-39, you see that these things have to happen in Biblical order according to prophecy.  Is this battle of Gog and Magog where regions led by Russia will gather Persia and all these other nations that are surrounding Israel and overtake.   Ezekiel says that from the far north of Israel will come a great power.  In the Bible this is called the spirit of Rush; it is  Magog.  If you look at your Biblical map, go to Israel,  look directly to the  far north and your will see Russia.   The Bible says Russia will move in and arch over her, speaking of Israel.  Gog will lead Magog (Russia) will be the nation that leads.

Ukraine used to be a part of the Russian empire.  In 1991 they pulled away from Russia. The communist powers of Russia have not been happy since they separated.   They’ve been declaring since the day Ukraine left that they would get them back. This is not a new battle a new fight, nor a new situation.  It’s just taking some time to get here, but it was prophesied all the way back 2500 years ago from Ezekiel that was going to happen.  now why do you say all

It’s so easy in times like these to get our right eyes off the real target.   When you’re looking at Biblical prophecies and trying to understand the Biblical timeline, you can’t be distracted by Russia and Ukraine, nor  by China and Taiwan.   If you’re looking at Biblical prophecy, you have to keep your eyes on Israel because Israel is the center of all Biblical prophecy. Everything about Biblical prophecy pertains to Israel and everything that happens around Israel. Most Biblical scholars will tell you that the reason Russia and the Ukraine are important is because Ezekiel 38 has to become a reality.  This nation from the north has to come in and to overtake Israel, or to attempt to overtake Israel. 

Want to  hear some really good news ? The Bible says that when that day happens all of these nations are going to going to come in.  They’re going to try to overtake Israel.  Russia is going to be leading the pack.  They’re going to have Iran, Jordan and all the other nations who hate Israel, right there beside them.  They’re going to  all come on Israel.  The Bible says that the greatest battle Israel ever won will happen on that day when God enables Israel to overtake them all.

What we’re seeing today between Russia and Ukraine is not is not about the Magog and Gog war.  It’s preparation for that war.  It’s what has to happen before that war can happen.  The Ukraine has to either become allies or the Ukraine has to be taken over by Russia before the rest of this prophecy can be fulfilled. 

Now let me tell you good news, if you’re a believer, bad news, if you’re not a believer,  this does not have to happen before Jesus can return.  JESUS CAN COME TONIGHT!  What the Bible is showing us…time is getting closer and closer and closer.   What Jesus says is a real powerful picture. He says in Luke, ‘When you see these things beginning to happen, freak out,  live in fear and throw in the towel because the days are over.’ That’s not what he said!  He did say it was going to happen ,right?  He said when it does happen,  ‘when you hear of wars and commotions, do not be terrified; for these things must come to pass first, but the end [will] not [come] immediately.” … ‘Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.’ (Luke 21:9, 28 NKJV)

You know Christ’s return is eminent and that’s why we’re in such a place right now where we have to be living for Jesus.  It’s a bad day to be an atheist, but it’s also a bad day for believers not  to be telling their nonbeliever friends that is too close not to get it right with Jesus.  You got people you love, you got people you care about…this prophecy…what’s going on between Russia and Ukraine.  It is a reminder, It’s a picture that we are so close ,and you better live ready!   You are better live right.   My wife told me this morning to tell people they have to  get right.  The Bible says there’s going to be many who say, ‘Lord, Lord , Jesus, Jesus,’  and He is  going to say, ‘Who are you?’ ( Matthew 7:21-23). You know what He’s talking about?  He’s talking about people that were in church every Sunday, people who prayed,   they sang the songs.   They did religion, but they never KNEW JESUS. 

Now this thing going on in the world right.  Where in the Bible are we?   The Bible is telling us to make sure you’re ready, right now.   Time is getting close.   It’s reminding us that there’s that a Biblical timeline.  You and I are seeing the Biblical timeline revealed, not only wars and rumors of wars and famines.  Famines are happening at a rate that we’ve never seen him in human history.  Did you know that over the last 100 years more Christians have been slaughtered than at any other time?  There’s almost not a day that goes by that my wife doesn’t send me a text message about another earthquake.  Jesus said,  ‘When you see these  signs…’  

Last night, I looked up,  ‘earthquakes on the rise.’  I found that earthquakes that register at 6.7 or higher, over the las 100 years are happening at a rate faster than ever.  The last ten years, they have grown at rate faster than the last 100.   

You and I are living in a time when we are seeing the Bible revealed. 

How do you know this isn’t the battle of Gog and Magog? One of the reasons is because the alignment of all the countries that are involved haven’t completely come together.   Another reason that I know is because the Bible says when it happens, speaking of Israel,  it says that there will be a peace.  They’ll be at rest.  The Bible says their gates will have been taken down, their bars removed, and they would be living at a time of peace.  Israel is not there yet to welcome that kind of a battle.   In other words,  it says it’s going to happen almost when they’re sleeping.  One translation of the Bible says it’ll happen when Israel  is unaware. Half the Jews in the world have moved back to Israel which has already fulfilled the first part of that prophecy.  The second part doesn’t have to be fulfilled before the Lord returns.   All through the Bible prophecy is being revealed.  The Bible says, when you see all these things,  lift up your eyes,  lift up your head because you redemption…the time you’ve been looking… lift it up because you’re almost out of here…

It’s not about the Russians.  This is about power.  There are good people in Russia.  

Our Christian brothers and sisters all over Russia need our prayers right now to cover them.

We need to pray for NATO and our world leaders.  We need to pray for President Joe Biden.  He needs our prayers right now.  We need our president to hear from God. We need our president to have a greater fear of God that he has of man.  Our job is to pray for him.  It’s our God ordained  responsibility. Did you know that if you’re not praying for your leaders, you’re out of the will of God ?  It’s not about political party or who you voted for, who you agree with or don’t agree with,  it’s about what the Bible says.   The Bible says that we pray for our government.  We must pray for those who rule over us.  They need Jesus.  They need to hear from Jesus.  They need to turn their hearts.  They need to turn their minds and they need to be more afraid of Jesus than they are afraid of man.   We need to we need to pray for 44-year-old President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his family. These are prayers all of us need to pray.  All of us need to give. All of us need to do something because that’s what we do.   We don’t just sit tell sad stories and talk about how bad things are.  We take action!  We don’t fear.  We don’t run.  We don’t hide.  We follow the words of Jesus. 

When you see these things around you,  pull your shoulders back,  lift up your head toward heaven because you’re about to see Jesus flip open the sky–that’s what Jesus said–that’s my interpretation of what he said, but that’s what he meant. It’s what we’re going to do. 

 If you don’t know Jesus, it’s not a good time in our world not to know Jesus.  We come to church every week praying that somebody will get hope for the future and healing from the past.  Your only hope for the future is to know Jesus.   If you don’t know Jesus, my prayer is that Jesus would tap on your heart, and you would open the door and let him in.   If you do know Jesus, but you’re not walking right, I pray something in your spirit would awaken you.   MAYBE take a look at Biblical prophecy and you would realize that they could predict what we’re seeing today…2500 years ago…there must be a God in heaven, a God who knows and wants us to know.   He says that He doesn’t want us to be unaware.  It is why I took the time  to preach this message.  God wants you to be aware and doesn’t want you to be confused.  I want you to know where you are,  where we are at this time the world.  He is coming again.  HE IS COMING AGAIN!   IT IS HIS WILL THAT NONE SHOULD PERISH BUT ALL WOULD HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE. The only way we get it, is we get to know Him. 

I wonder,  is there anybody who would say, ‘I don’t I know him.  I don’t know him, or I know him, but I have not allowed my love for Him to change the way I live.  I know him but I’m not living like I love him, and I want that to change today.   He loved me so much that He gave his life for me; I want to be able to love him enough to live my life for him.  He  never asked you to die for Him.  He  just asked you to live for Him.

If you need Jesus, or if you know Jesus, but you are not living like you love Him.   If you say, I want Him in my life.  I need him in my life.   I don’t want to be unaware.  I don’t want to be caught off guard when Jesus comes.  I want to be living for Jesus.   When he comes, I want to be right with Him.  There’s a whole lot of people that are hunkered down, hiding, fighting for their lives in basements.  They can’t get up and can’t move.  I’m going to ask you to move because you can.   We have freedom that our brothers and sisters in Ukraine don’t have right now.  They can’t out in their streets.  They can’t step out into the grocery store.  They can’t step over to see their parents, but you can step out and live for Jesus.  There’s something symbolic about stepping toward Him.  I encourage you to make move toward Him.  He made that move for us when He left heaven, came to earth,  lived the perfect life,  and died a sinners death so that we could have life. I don’t really give a rip what anybody else thinks.  I  just want to make heaven happy.  I’m going to live for Jesus. I’m not ashamed.  Stand up!   When you do heavens going to start rejoicing. 

Pray this prayer: 

Thank you for Your grace that saves me and Your spirit that draws me.  Thank you for bringing me to this place. I give myself to You.  Forgive me of all of my sins?   Give me a brand-new start?  Thank you for dying on the cross for me.  Thank you for getting up out of that grave.  Thank you for the courage you gave me today to get up out of my seat and to give my life to You, Lord.  I receive this gift of salvation from You. I ask You now to move in my life.  Give me a brand-new beginning, empower me by the Holy Spirit.  Use my life as an asset to your Kingdom in Jesus name.  Amen.” 

I enCOURAGE YOU TO TURN OR RETURN TO JESUS, when He comes you do not want to miss Him and you definitely want Him to know you .  And, I, Tammy Phillips, daughter of the Most High God, attest that you want to know Him.  Life with Him is AMAZING.  Life without Him…not so much.   Join the family! Join the kingdom of God.  Your alternative  is an eternity separated from Him…in a place you do not want to go…hell. 

Comment, text, call, email, message, if you want me to pray with you at anytime.  Love to you all! 


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