by Tammy Phillips
July 16, 2021

“And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter….”  (John 14:16)

Do you have a wedding coming up, a court date, job interview, appointment with a doctor, or difficult decision to make?  Are you caring for your elderly parents, a teenager, or a new born child?  Are you fighting for your marriage, going through a divorce or looking for your soulmate?   Are you mourning? Do you feel all alone or overwhelmed?  Need some help?  Our God is God of all Comfort.  He sent Jesus to save us, then gave us the Holy Spirit to be our Comforter.  He is “Called Alongside” to partner and do life with us.  The Comforter is on every side of us to comfort us.  He is always with us. There is no place we can go that He is not with us.  There is no turn we can take that He is not with us.  There is no decision we make that He is not with us.

The Comforter is our Helper to navigate us through every obstacle of life.    The Comforter  is our Advocate  and Counsel for defense who pleads our cause.  The Comforter is our Intercessor who ever mediates and reconciles us back to God.  The Comforter is our Aid in every circumstance.  The Comforter is our Assistant.  Yes, the Lord God thought we all needed an assistant to do life.  He did not send us just any assistant, but the Assistant of all assistants.  We just have to ask for His help.  Holy Spirit will empower, lead, guide, direct, and instruct us what to do and where to go every step along the way.  Remember, He is alongside.  It is not like we can leave Him behind.  The Comforter is our Consoler who  cheers our mind, gives refreshment to our spirits, who relieves us from our pain.  The Comforter comforts, strengthens, supports and  encourages us in distress, difficulty, danger, and sickness.  The Comforter is our Standby.  He is always on standby on every side, surrounding us.  He is ready, willing, and eager to help at our call.

I enCOURAGE you to call on the Comforter.  He is waiting.  It does not matter how big or small.  You might have lost a golf ball, an earring, or a friend.  He wants to help you, to it and through it, but you have to ask.  You also have to believe He is big enough to handle your need.  The Comforter is your partner.  Don’t do life without Him.  He is standing by waiting to help.


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