by Tammy Phillips
April 21, 2020

“For the Lord GOD will help Me; therefore, I will not be disgraced; Therefore, I have set My face like a flint, And I know that I will not be ashamed. (Isaiah 50:7 NKJV)

We are often concerned about living up to  the expectations of others.  We are concerned about making the right choices. We concern ourselves with the “shame game.”  We ask ourselves questions like:  Did I say the right thing? Did I wear the right thing? Did I do the right thing? Did I react the correctly?  Will I fail, again?

Isaiah prophecies about the suffering of Jesus in Isaiah 50:6,  I gave my back to those who struck me, My cheeks to those who plucked out My beard, and my face to those who spat and shamed me.   Jesus always said, did and reacted righteously because He knew the truth of Isaiah 50:7.  His unshakable confidence was in God alone.  He knew the Lord would be His help and defense.  No matter what happened to Him or what offense came His way, He knew the Lord God was in His corner and  He would not be disgraced.  The Hebrew word for disgraced is kalam which means to wound, to hurt, to insult, shame, blush, be ashamed, be reproached, be humiliated, and be put to shame because one failed in his endeavors.

Although we might fail, Jesus did not.  He walked perfectly with the constant support of Father God.  He also resolutely  fulfilled the prophesied words,  “I have set My face like a flint, And I know that I will not be ashamed.” His was ferociously focused to accomplish His mission.  In Luke 9:51 we read, “he steadfastly set his face to go to Jerusalem.”   Jerusalem was the place where He could and would say, “IT IS FINISHED!”  Mission accomplished.  

I did not accomplish my mission last year.  My word for 2020 was RESOLUTE.  I was resolute in many things.  However, I was not in one thing that the Lord had been calling me to most of my life, a maintainable healthy weight.  Thank God for the example of Jesus.  He steadfastly set His face to the cross and accomplished His mission.  He paid for all the times when we missed the mark. Every day we are on earth He gives us a do over and there is no shame in that game.  

The Lord showed me that 2021 is really 202WON for me.  With His help, I will BE RESOLUTE and ALIGN to Him.  I will resolutely walk the PLUMB LINE which will take me to my WON-derland called ONE-derland.  I did not accomplish the mission in 2020 but, “I have set my face like flint and I know that I will not be ashamed.”  The Hebrew word for ashamed  here is bûš. It is pronounced boosh.  It means so much more than ashamed.  We can derive  the following declarations from the wealth of the word, so repeat after me:

I will not pale in terror.
I will not be troubled nor confused.
I will not be disappointed.
I will not be delayed.
I will not be astonished.
I will not be silenced.
I will not fail in hope or expectation.
I will not be “booshy!”
I know where my help comes from. 

“My help comes from the LORD, Who made heaven and earth.” (Psalm 121:2 NKJV)

I enCOURAGE you with the words of Spurgeon. “Imitate Christ’s steadfast resolve.  When there is something right, stand for it.  When you have a right purpose that glorifies God, carry it out. Stand fast for God, even as Christ Jesus stood fast for you.

Remember, there is no shame in your game…of life.  Do not be “booshy!”  Do not worry whether you said or did the right thing? Do not think about failed hopes or expectations! The only opinion that matters is God’s.  Have unshakable trust in Him as your Helper. BE RESOLUTE and win.



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