I wrote this in my journal on 11.11.19. Be careful what you write and pray!

by Tammy Phillips
November 11, 2020

I spent a couple of hours this morning working on what I thought was todays encouragement, BUT GOD…. had a different plan.  Holy Spirit took me back to November 11, 2019 to my journal entry:

“Wow! I hear you God! I have no choice. Help me rise. Rise above! Help me take the next steps. And, show me why I keep writing 11. 11. 19, too, please?

My plans were to start Christmas decorations, BUT GOD…had a different plan.

My friend, pray warrior, battle buddy sent me a link to a sermon series, CRAZY FAITH by Michael Todd.  He started the sermon by quoting the third verse from the song, Crazy by Selo Green:

‘My heroes had the heart to live their lives out on the limb. All I remember thinking is I want to be like them.’

The sermon continued, ‘What you wrote in your journal maybe crazy until it happens!’

Without a doubt, I knew that morning that I had been called to CRAZY FAITH.  I had no idea what that meant; I know now.  Looking back, it only took until the afternoon of 11.11.19 for me to receive my first assignment in crazy faith.  I also understand why 11.11.19 would be a day that would forever change my life.  At 3:51 pm I received a text from my sister in Christ, Stephanie Tharpe:  “Our hearts are hurting… Our son, Brandon, died yesterday. Please pray for us.”  We had just talked about Brandon two days earlier.  This could not possibly be true.  Brandon was 27.  I had no words.  I felt like I never had the right words in these circumstances.

Then, the Holy Spirit spoke the unimaginable and called me to crazy faith.  I was instructed to enCOURAGE Stephanie every morning by keeping the word of God before her for one year.  I thought God was crazy!  I hate offering empty words to family members who have lost loved ones.  The words seem pointless and ineffective. However, I learned that no word said in love is purposeless.  I had to change my thinking.  I had to step out into crazy faith and trust God each day for the words.  11.11.19, God showed me how he would fulfill two calls on my life, the call to write and the call to be an encourager. 

Holy Spirit showed me that in one year an encouragement book would be completed through encouragements to Steph.  It would be His words not mine. I had to trust Father God and His leading.  I sure did not have the words.  I surrendered on 11.11.19, “I will be your scribe, Father.”

Looking back at my journal, I had surrendered on June 14, 2019 to be an enCOURAGER.  This is the entry from that day and subsequent days:

“I am enCOURAGER!  Hebrews 3:13

Father:   Send me to be an enCOURAGER by your spirit …when needed.  Help me be full of courage to give away to others. Amen.    

Stir yourself up. Step out. Show up.  The words you say may be the exact words from the Lord that someone else needs.”

June 16, 2019:

“’Be strong.  Be courageous. Be brave and do it. Fear not. Do not be dismayed. Do not be broken to pieces. For the Lord your God, my God is with you. He will not fail you nor forsake you Until you have finished all the work for the service of the House of the Lord.’ -1 Chronicles 28:20  

Last night, Kris and I attended the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame induction Dinner for Peyton Manning and a list of others.  Amy Adams Strunk was named Tennessean of the year.  A lot of famous people made a lot of speeches, however, the one that spoke to me was by an unnamed woman who prayed before dinner.  She prayed: 

‘There are so many gifts to be thankful for, including the gift of athleticism, mentoring, teaching, and those who encourage….Let us all remember to recognize our gift and use it in a way that honors you, Lord even if that gift is only to encourage others.’

I hear you Lord!  I am an enCOURAGER.”

On June 24, 2019:

“Dear Tammy,

You are not weak.  You are not defeated. You are not inferior. You are full of “can do” power. The very same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives inside of you. Expect My favor. I have equipped and anointed you.  Walk in My favor and victory.  

Holy Spirit

‘Anything is possible if a person believes.’  Mark 9: 23

‘I can do everything through Christ who gives me the strength.’ Philippians 4:13

‘Like a rubber band, your faith is useless unless it is stretched. God will require you to stretch be pulled and in discomfort.  In this stretch God does the greatest miracles. Faith extended to fulfill its purpose is willing to stretch. God shows up and does what we cannot do.  Be bold be brave.  Be courageous.  You were made to be stretched. Whatever he tells you to do, do it!’( John 15:5)   It will require the stretch.  Stretch for success.’

‘You do know what you are capable of because you cannot fathom the potential of God in you.’ -Tammy Phillips”

One year has come and gone.  God walked with me through every step of the crazy faith He called me to.  Each morning, I sent my sister an encouragement from the word.  In March with her permission, I stepped out to be an enCOURAGER to anyone who would read my posts online.

The Lord says that He will instruct you and teach you in the way to go in Psalms 32:8.  He prepared me months before hand to accomplish His will.  I give all glory to Him.  

Now, “I urge and encourage you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.” (Ephesians 4:1 NIV)

I enCOURAGE you to seek and answer God’s call.  He is calling you to step out in crazy faith, too.  I have been stretched more than I ever wanted to be stretched.  It has been hard and painful.  However, it is nothing in comparison to the crazy faith that God called Stephanie to in the loss of her son.  Pray for her and her husband as often as you think of her.  Answer His call!

‘What you wrote in your journal maybe crazy until it happens!’


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