by Tammy Phillips
August 31, 2020

I had a dream last night that I met a man in an art class.  The class was in a studio warehouse.  Light flooded the room and the environment was exactly where I wanted to be.  

I love my good looking hunk of a husband, Kris, but I laid eyes on a MAN who was the best looking man I have ever seen.  He was tall and very muscular.  He had dark hair and eyes.  Did I mention He was strong and muscular?  His muscles were bulging through a light colored plaid shirt.  He was sooooo...kind.  He attentively listened and was so present in on our conversation.  His compliments were effortless, but noted, as we chatted with ease.  I was drawn to this MAN.  I did not want to be out of his presence.  He acted like he adored me.  Our exchange was intimate.  Others were in the class, but we were oblivious to them.  However, I know everyone was drawn to him, his charisma and his kindness.  He was nice to everyone.  He smiled ALL the time and you could not help but smile back.  He was contagious.  We laughed without end. Everything he said and did made me smile, inside and out. 

When the class was over, I looked forward to our next meeting.  I exited the building to a group of people hanging around.  The women yelled to me, “That man loves you!” I replied and drew a laugh by saying, “that man could teach me a lot!”  Yes, he had been the teacher of the class. 

We had just met, but I had an unexplainable love for him.  

I awoke from the dream around 3 am and reached out to touch my Kris, and then, I immediately started praying to the One of Love. 

Sometimes, I feel so stupid.  I prayed and sought the Lord about what he wanted me to write for a few hours.  I travelled through scripture.  The Lord brought me back to April 2014 and some thoughts I  had written.  After I read them a couple of times and made a few edits, I was happy that they would be a great enCOURAGEment for today.

It was not until I lovingly fixed and delivered my earthly husband a cup of coffee that  it dawned on me who the man in the dream was…

He was LOVE. 
He was my Love. 
He was the One who gave. 
He was my Jesus.
(I am not saying I saw Jesus.  I am saying in my dreams which are  like movies in my mind.  This wonderful man  was playing the part of Jesus.}

Here is your encouragement for the day…


For GOD so loved the world, that he GAVE his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. – John 3:16  and…GOD is LOVE… -1 John 4:16

When someone gives you something, what do you do?  You thankfully take it.   God gave us Love.  He gave us Himself in the form of man, Jesus.  Look what love gave us:

  • Love listened to the strife of his closest friends at his last supper.
  • Love agonized in the garden.
  • Love sweat like great drops of blood.
  • Love was very heavy and exceedingly sorrowful, even unto death
  • Love knew the cup he was to bear.
  • Love asked Abba Father that he not have to bear the cup, three times.
  • Love said: “The spirit truly is ready, but the flesh is weak.”
  • Love said: “Save me from this hour: but for this cause came I unto this hour.”
  • Love said: “Not my will but my Father’s”
  • Love found eleven of his closest friends asleep, three different times in his darkest hour.
  • Love was disappointed
  • Love was betrayed.
  • Love said, “I am He,” and the multitude fell backward to the ground at the sound of his voice.
  • Love did not call down instantly 81,000 angels to fight the multitude there to take him to his death.
  • Love was bound.
  • Love was taken captive by a multitude.
  • Love was forsaken by all disciples closest to him in the garden.
  • Love was repeatedly spit in the face.
  • Love was shamed.
  • Love was humiliated.
  • Love was insulted.
  • Love was punched.
  • Love was mocked and made fun of.
  • Love was beaten.
  • Love was blindfolded.
  • Love was slapped and slapped on the face by the multitude.
  • Love was reproached, reviled, and blasphemed.
  • Love was vehemently falsely accused.
  • Love was utterly despised.
  • Love was made no account.
  • Love was mocked again.
  • Love was scourged.
  • Love was stripped
  • Love was tied in a bending posture to a pillar.
  • Love was whipped with leather straps, weighted with sharp pieces of bone, which tore the flesh of his back and front.
  • Love was stripped naked in front of about 600 soldiers.
  • Love was humiliated.
  • Love was robed in a scarlet robe of disgrace.
  • Love was shamed.
  • Love was crowned with a crown of thorns.
  • Love was mocked again.
  • Love was spit on again.
  • Love said nothing.
  • Love was nailed to a cross.
  • Love was crucified.
  • Love paid for our wrongs that day.
  • Love said, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”
  • Love said, “Dear woman, here is your son,” and to the disciple, “Here is your mother.”
  • Love said, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”
  • Love was mocked again by the soldiers at Calvary.
  • Love cried with a loud voice, “It is finished.” and gave up the ghost.
  • Love said your debt is paid in full.
  • Love was buried for three days and nights.
  • Love arose as He as he said he would and took the keys of power and death. 

LOVE LOVED US THIS MUCH.   Love gave so that we may be saved and live eternally  and victoriously with Him, today and every day.


I enCOURAGE you to meditate on what LOVE GAVE.  There is nothing you have experienced, nor been tempted with that he has not endured himself.  He overcame it all and he has empowered you with the Holy Spirit to do the same. He will love you through each day and all of eternity if you will let him.

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