IMG_4815by Tammy Phillips
July 5, 2020

And His name,through faith in His name,has made this man strong, whom you see and know. Yes, the faith which comes through Him has given him this perfect soundness in the presence of  you all – Acts 3:16 NKJV

God is ready to act.  What is your need?  I asked and I am believing for the Corona Virus to go away and for healing and unity in our nation.   I am believing for backs to be whole.   I am believing for cancer to be healed, marriages to be saved, and finances to be restored.  I am believing for weddings to happen.  I have asked for a baby…not for us!   I even asked and I am believing for God to supply an auto to a special friend in need of a car.  Most importantly, I am believing for friends and family to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus and for them to follow hard after him.

In Acts 3:13-14, Jesus (Jehovah is Salvation) is called the Holy One (meaning Pure, Sinless, Upright) and Just (meaning Righteous and Blameless).  He is also called the Prince of Life which could also means Chief Leader of Life and Author of Life.  In, through and by His name, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Peter commanded the lame man to rise and walk.

In Acts 3:5, the lame man paid attention to the disciples and expected to receive something from them.

I promise you, he got more than he expected.  He had been crippled since birth.  He ran into the hands and feet of Jesus that day.  Our Lord only gives good and perfect gifts.  He is known for doing exceedingly abundantly above what we ask or think.  The man had never walked before!  He stood and walked.  He actually leapt up, kept on leaping and praising God!  Expect to receive from the Name, Jesus, and watch what he will do through faith in His name!  Our only responsibility is to believe Him and He will do the rest.

The Author and Source of Life gave the lame man life that day.  He gave him strength, healing, wholeness, and perfect soundness.

Strong is the Greek word, steroō, meaning to solidify, make firm, stabilize, make to stand, set in place or balance.

Perfect soundness is the Greek word holoklēria.   This word appears only one time out of the 783,137 words in the King James Bible.  This word is unique and so very special.   It means an unimpaired condition of the body, in which all its members are healthy and fit for use.  It means complete in all its parts, in no part wanting or unsound.  It is the definition of complete, entire, whole.  It implies a body without blemish or defect. Perfect soundness by definition is to make whole what was shattered and broken.

I enCOURAGE you to pay attention to the Lord and expect to receive from Him.  Keep on walking, leaping and praising Him continually.  He is not prejudice.  He does not play favorites.  He is the Source of your life, too.  He also gives YOU His strength, healing, wholeness and perfect soundness.  He has healed, is healing and will make whole all that is shattered and broken in your body.  He give you a sound mine and soul, too.

P.S.  If you have a request that needs prayer, I will pray and I have a group of warriors who will join me.  Leave a comment, email, text or call.   God is ready to act on your behalf.  Remember, God does not have  big problems.


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