IMG_3941by Tammy Phillips
June 4, 2020

Behold, God [is] mine helper: the Lord [is] with them that uphold my soul. -Psalm 54:4 KJV

When I discovered that the Hebrew word for helper is `azar, I immediately thought of the sister of my life long best friend, Cindy Azar.  She will do anything for you. (She put up with our shenanigans for years.)  I know if I called her right now and ask for the moon, she would try her best to deliver it to my doorstep.  She is an extravagant giver.  Last year, she gave my best friend, Pam, tickets to a concert.  Not only did Cindy gift Pam with a ticket, but also purchased Bobbe, our other bestie, and me a ticket.  She wanted Pam to have the best and whatever she wanted for her birthday.

Let me tell you another story about Cindy’s unconditional giving heart.  One late night, she received a call.  She thought it was from Pam’s son, Evan.  The caller pretended to be Evan calling from jail.  He begged Cindy to help and not to tell Pam.  He then persuaded Cindy to send a large amount of “money” to free him from jail.  She did it without question. (In her defense, she is not that much older than us and it was when this scam first began.)  I tell you these stories about Cindy Azar to illustrate how she lives up to her name.  She is a helper.  She has the heart of God when it comes to lending her support.  Honestly, God is the only person I know who can out give her.  God is more giving than sweet Cindy and He always lives up to His name, Helper.  Ask Him.  He wants to help.

God is our helper.
God is our support.
God is our aid.
God is our assistant.
God is our ally.
God surrounds us.

The Lord upholds our soul.
The Lord props us up.
The Lord sustains.
The Lord revives.
The Lord refreshes.

I encourage you to pray to our Helper when you are in need.  He will prop you up.  He will assist you.  God is our assistant.  This fact blows my mind.   Meditate on it and  simply pray, Psalm 30:10, when you need His help:  “Hear me, O LORD, and have mercy; O LORD, be my helper.” He will answer every time.

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