IMG_3276by Tammy Phillips
May 9, 2020

“Arise, take up you bed and go into your own house. ”  -Luke 5:24

What paralyzes you?  Are you experiencing temporary paralysis, or have you always been disabled in certain areas of your life?  I am coming to realize what has paralyzed me and it is not fun to deal with.  I have been at a standstill in areas in my life that I have not completely surrendered to God.  Are you paralyzed by regret, shame, guilt, sin?  Are you stuck in the past, held hostage in your present , and unable to step into the future where Jesus is calling you?

Jesus is calling us.  He is calling us up and out of the bed.  He is calling us into our destiny, but we have to get out of the “bed of our past.”  Jesus, says to us, like he said to the paralyzed man in Luke 5:20, “Man thy sins are forgiven.”   You were wrong.  You have missed the mark.  You made a mistake, BUT your sins have been sent away.  They are not to hinder you anymore.  They are paid for.  Picture guessing the wrong answer on the Wheel of fortune, but still winning the prize.  Think about a game at the fair; make the basket and win a prize.  Jesus loves us so much that he knew we would miss the basket, but still wanted us to have the prize so he paid for it.  Sin is not a game, and neither is forgiveness.  However, if we believe God, we have to simply take Jesus at his word and not complicate forgiveness.  Man, (woman) YOUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN!  Forget the past.  Jesus did.

Jesus calls us like he did the paralytic in Luke 5:24, “ARISE!”  Jesus told the man to awake, to STAND.  He told him to do what he could not do on his own.  He challenged the man to believe Him for the impossible.  The man who could not walk dared to believe Jesus ‘that he could.’  What is Jesus challenging us to believe him for?  Do we dare believe him for the impossible?

Then Jesus told the man, “Make your bed.”  (Beginning in January of 2020, this has been a song repeating in my spirit, over and over.  Cannot make it go away.)  We need to clean up the chaos.  Isn’t that what a messy bed looks like with pillows and sheets in disarray?  We must do our part empowered by God.  We must clean up the disorder in our bodies, minds, and our house (#HealingBeginsWithUs).  Our lives will not change if we are piled up in bed.  We have to take action even when we do not feel like it.  God’s mercies are new every morning.  EVERY DAY, he provides us with the opportunity to arise and make our bed.

“If you want to change your life and maybe the world—start off by making your bed!” Admiral William H. McRaven, Make Your Bed.

Lastly, Jesus instructs us like He did the healed paralytic: “GO!”  Look!  He was not paralyzed anymore!  He was obedient to the words of Jesus and received his healing.  If he had not acted on the words of our Savior, he would have died in the bed.  We cannot let our past kill the hope of our future.  We must follow the example of the man who was made whole, healed and complete.  We must walk into our calling.  We must go glorifying God.

I enCOURAGE you to ARISE, MAKE YOUR BED and GO!  Let go of the past.  Jesus did on the cross.  Do not be held hostage in the present.  Jesus set you free on the cross.  Step into the future.  Jesus is calling you.  Answer the call of Him “who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think!” 

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