IMG_3187By Tammy Phillips
May 5, 2020

My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings.  -Proverbs 4:20  

I sat down to have breakfast in bed with my husband and looked at the larger-than-large TV that was invading the space of our bedroom.  I heard the Holy Spirit whisper, “Pay attention.  Pay attention to My Words.”

How many times in life have I let that big black box steal my attention?  How many times have I let it numb my mind?  How many Netflix shows have I binged watched?  How many hours have I spent glued to the television watching Hallmark movies?  How can I pay attention to His words when almost everything coming from that black box is contrary to His word?  Have I let the TV tell me a vision that is not His?  Have I let it tell me what to think; what to eat?  Have I let it tell me what is right and wrong?  Have I paid attention to its words and not God’s?

How many hours have I sacrificed to social media: Facebook; Instagram; Pinterest; phone games?  Yesterday, I awoke at 2 AM.  I had the best intentions.  I began by praying for a friend.  It was not long before I went to look at “something” on my phone.  I spent an hour and a half just chasing rabbits on Instagram and Facebook.  Would not my time have been better spent at the feet of Jesus?  I cannot even tell you what distracted me from praying.

How many days have I spent being in a frenzy over a football game or at a baseball game?  (We do not do dance or cheer in this house, so that’s not a problem.)  Where was my attention?  Did I take Jesus to the game with me?  I might have taken him with me, but I stepped right out of his presence when I started fussing about the coach or at the umpires.

How about working, in or out of the house?  How about money?  How many times have I been distracted by the love, or lack, of money?

How about drinking’?  Have I ever let alcohol alter my mind and steal my attention?  Yes.  It is undeniable that alcohol’s words are powerful.  Alcohol delivers false courage, false peace and fleeting happiness.  I choose not to drink anymore because alcohol has lied to me and members of my family.  Its words have been very destructive in my life.   In the past I have made some really stupid decisions under the influence.  I have paid for the consequences of the distraction of alcohol.

How about food?  I have been drawn in different directions about what to make or where to eat?  Have you been absent minded and ate too much or too little?  Have you been so preoccupied by what you were making that you did not enjoy the presence of your guests at a dinner?  Getting real here.  Food is my drug of choice.  It speaks loud to me and grabs my attention.  It says, “Celebrate with me!”  Food is my comfort in sadness.  It occupies my mind when I am bored.  It is my friend on long trips.  These are all lies meant to separate me from my best life and purpose.  Food is fuel and that’s it.  Honestly, I am beginning AGAIN walking in faith toward a healthy body weight.  I have to pay attention and set guards at my mouth every day.  Food called me all my life.  It has lied to me.  It is not my friend.  I have to pay attention to only my Lord.

I enCOURAGE you to take a good look at what distracts you.  Mostly, I enCOURAGE you to pay attention to what you see, what you hear, what you do, what you eat, and what you drink.  Most of all, pay attention to God and what he is saying.

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