IMG_3162 2By Tammy Phillips
May 3, 2020

Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit…   -Ephesians 6:18

What if I told you that you are a javelin thrower?

The lance (also called a pilum, a javelin, or a spear) is the seventh piece of a Roman soldier’s armor.  It was normally around six to seven feet in length.  It had a long iron head with a pyramid-shaped barb at the tip.  Lances were made in different sizes, shapes, and weights.  The lance was usually throne in the air at the enemy before they could reach camp.  At least, it could knock the pursuing enemy to the ground or, at most, it would kill its target.  It was usually thrown before engaging the enemy in hand-to-hand combat with swords. (

The number seven is the number of perfection and completeness in the Old Testament.  Of course, God would provide us with seven perfect pieces of spiritual armor to complete our power suits.  In “Dressed to Kill” by Rick Renner, he concludes that “Although the lance is not specifically mentioned by name, it is included as part of the spiritual equipment in Ephesians 6:18.”  He believes the armor is completed with the “lance of prayer and supplication.”

Paul begins Ephesians 6:18 by saying that we should pray always.  Always means all time, at every opportunity, and every season.  Always means always.  He instructs us to pray always with all prayer (every type of prayer available) and supplication.  You know, prayer is simply coming into God’s presence and having a conversation with Him face-to-face.  Prayer is relationship with our Father! Supplication is humbly asking for help from heavenly Dad.  We cannot be too proud to pray always.

When we pray, there are several different types of prayer we can offer to God.  I love that we can pick up any of these lances at any time and call on the Mightiest, the Most Powerful, the Almighty God for help.  If we cannot do it, he sure can.  We can literally throw our lances of prayer through the air at the prince of the air and his cohorts before he can reach our camp.  I love the picture of a mighty band of prayer warriors throwing spears at a retreating enemy and knocking him on his bottom.  I see prayer as the least-used weapon in our arsenal.  Do we pray always without ceasing?  Are we in constant communication with our Commander-in-Chief, God?  Do we talk to him about all things?  Do we ask him about all things?  Do we pray for all the saints, always?

I enCOURAGE you, soldier in the army of the Most-High God, pick up your pilum of prayer and supplication. Actually, never put it down.  Be in constant communication with the Commander-in-Chief, God, through Jesus Christ.  He has already won the victory over Satan.  He has equipped you with the armor or God to empower you to stand against the wiles of the devil.  Use every tool he has so freely given and STAND!  STAND!  STAND!

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