IMG_2983 2By Tammy Phillips
April 24, 2020

Picture this, you just sat down to dinner with your very best friends, your sparkling gems, or your boys.  You hear a knock at the door.  You are not expecting anyone, but it is the person you would most like to meet in your life.  Who are you picturing?  It could be a favorite football or baseball player, a favorite coach, a favorite actress or actor, a favorite singer, a powerful businessman, or even the President of the United States (No comments.  I would love to have dinner with Trump and pray for him.).   Do you invite this person in?  Will you ask the person to come back because you are entertaining friends?  Or, are you too busy preparing dinner to even hear the door?  Are you too busy just doing you?

Guess who is at your door right now?

Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hears my voice, and open the door, I will come into him, and will sup with him, and he with me.   -Revelation 3:20

The word of God over and over encourages us to stand.  Jesus never asked us to do something that he has not already done.  Jesus did not have to stand for us, but he did.  We were nothing.  He chose to stand for us.  He always has and he always will.  He stood tallest on the cross when he gave his life for us.  He now says: “Look! Heller!  Anybody there? I am here. I stand at the door, and knock.”  This scripture picture made me so sad when I read it.  Picture Jesus at your door.  Some have not answered the door even though he has been knocking.  Many have not invited him into their lives like we have.  However, there is more to the verse.  Don’t miss it!  He is still knocking.  Jesus is calling us, now.  Our hero, the most loving, the wealthiest in the universe, the most powerful, the kindest, the most gracious, the most giving, the greatest doctor, the all-knowing, the one who has every answer to every question we ever asked, the one and only Jesus, wants to come in and hang out with us.  He wants to come to supper.  He wants to sit down and talk to us.  Jesus is not interested in just coming over for drinks and appetizers.  He wants to have an intimate dinner with us.  He wants to have a long, lingering conversation.  I guarantee, he would stay up all night with us.  He would still be going strong at sunrise and breakfast time.

I enCourage you to eat supper with the King every day.  Sit down with Jesus and feast on his word.  Spend more time talking with him every day. He is the Bread of Life and Living Water.  Open the door to Jesus and have a good old comfort-food supper with him.  We have been forced to slow down and eat at home more often during this pandemic.  I know we have had more meals outside on our deck in one month as a family than we have had in the prior four years.  Jesus wants to do the same with us.  Take time to sup with the King.

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