Let us come boldly, be unreserved in speech, speak frankly without concealment be free, fearless, outspoken, frank, blunt, flow and pour forth to the throne of grace; that we may obtain, take, make our own, claim and receive what is given…mercy(kindness, compassion) and find grace(unmerited favor) to HELP in time of need. Hebrews 4:16

Help is the Greek word: boētheia: to aid; a rope or chain for frapping a vessel.

To frap:

  1. (Nautical) To draw together; to bind with a view to secure and strengthen, as a vessel by passing cables around it; to tighten;

Wooden ships were frapped by wrapping a strong ropes (4-5″ diameter) or cables around the hull of the ship 4 or 5 times. During violent storms and high seas, frapping would secure the hull. Frapping would ultimately save a ship and keep it from falling to pieces!

When we come boldly to our Heavenly Father’s throne of grace, we find strong cords of mercy and grace that secure our tottering hull of a body in our time of need, temptation or trial. God’s mercy and grace are our frapping in the storms of life that help us reach the other side and keep us from falling to pieces!



2 thoughts on “MY FRAPPING GOD”

  1. So, so good! Thanks for sharing your God-given revelation. Builds my faith and understanding. I stand amazed at how much our Father wants to give and love us who take Him at His Word! I love you, Mom

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  2. Re: the gift of helps. Sounds to me like God gives the grace for someone to minister to another (the gift of helps), for during the storm that other person is facing (trials). Then-after the storm is past, the rope is taken away…like it was never there. But, during that storm, if it had not been there, the vessel might not have survived.
    A very overlooked, but very necessary gift within the Body of Christ.


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