God is Love. Pure unadulterated love. He loves you and I unconditionally.
He is so forgiving. He is full of mercy, grace and kindness.

Could you give up your baby boy to save the world? I mean your only child! I have two boys and I can hardly entertain the idea.
Could you give up your baby boy to pay for every sin, sickness, disease, wrong choice?
Could you give up your baby boy who chose to live a perfect life to pay for the sins of those who didn’t make the same choice?  Would you allow your baby to take the fall for others who chose to lie, steal, kill and destroy?  Would you let him be the scapegoat?  Would you let bully’s badger your baby boy? God did…

You have heard it so many times. Has it lost its meaning to you?  Read it again. Think about your baby boy.  You think you love him more than God loved, loves and will always love his baby boy?  I don’t think so.
For God sooooooo loved the world, that he gave his only one of a kind Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

My love renovation/restoration began in 2000 and then another significant remodel beginning in 2010. I studied and learned that God really loved me and it didn’t matter what I had done because it was ALL ABOUT JESUS.  It was and is all about what He did for me.  It is all about the love. It took 17 years to say “I am complete in HIM.” It is only because God gave up His baby boy that  I can live life abundantly now.    I can live abundantly because I know how much God loved, loves and will always love me.  Knowing God’s love completes me!  I ask again, could you give up your baby boy?  (Revised from 2017 post)

One thought on “BABY BOY”

  1. Same question God asked me in 1978. Took me several weeks to reckon with the loss of my 3 year old son rather than bow my knee to satan. After much prayer, agony, and Bible Study, I chose God because I knew He could bring my son back to life and I could spend eternity with my son. Hardest decision I had ever made. God wanted to be First place in my life, and my children second.
    I love your posts, Tammy. They are thought-provoking.


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