CRUSH IT! (in that Killer Power Suit)

save-image 2April 16, 2020

For we walk by faith, not by sight: – 2 Corinthians 5:7

Here is what the Holy Spirit taught me by simply investigating the Greek definitions of the words in this verse.

We do it together. “We” is God, Tammy and whoever I am walking with through this journey of life.  I used to think it was me against the world.  I thought I could do life and everything all by myself.  Wrong.  I know that I need “we.”  I need God.  I need you.

The Greek word is peripateo.
It means to make your way, progress, make do use of opportunities, be occupied, live, conduct one’s life, follow as a companion, tread all around.

Peripateo is a compound of words peri and pateo.

Further definition of peri:
We walk through, all over, about, concerning, all around, beyond, completely.

Further definition of pateo:
We tread, tread under foot, trample, crush with feet, advance by setting foot upon foot upon foot and tread upon tread. To encounter successfully the greatest perils from the machinations and persecutions with which Satan would happily try to thwart the preaching of the gospel (Luke 10:19, Ps 91:13); to treat with insult and contempt.

Pateo is probably from a derivative of paio:
We strike, smite, to sting, to hit with a single blow.

So, we walk, crush it or hit “it” with a single blow, and encounter successfully Satan’s plans against us…but more importantly God’s plans for us.  How?

(dia) Greek preposition denoting the channel of act: through time, through place, through any means.

(pistis) Translated from Greek is belief, conviction that God exists and was, is, and will always be, creator and ruler of all things, the provider and bestower of salvation through Christ who is the Messiah who was born of a virgin, died and rose again. Simply, faith is believing that God is who He says He is and will do all that His Word says He will do.

NOT: (ou) no, not, no never ever, we cannot, God forbid

BY SIGHT: (eidos) Greek for external outward appearance, form, figure, shape, see, perceive.
What we see and perceive may not be the truth. The Truth is God’s Word and what it says.

My version of walking by faith…We do it together. We WALK, drive, fly.  We make our way.  We progress down the road.  We make do, use of our opportunities.  We live.  We regulate our life.  We tread. We tread under foot.  We trample.  We crush with our feet. We advance by setting foot upon foot upon foot and tread upon tread.  We encounter successfully the greatest perils from the machinations and persecutions with which Satan would happily try to thwart the preaching of the gospel and the progress of life. We strike.  We smite.  We sting.  We hit with a single blow. T his is how we walk.  We walk BY.  We walk through.  We walk through places.  We walk through time.  We walk all over.  We walk all around.  We walk by…FAITH, simply believing that God is who He says He is and will do what He says He will do. NOT, no never, ever, we cannot God forbid…Walk by SIGHT.  Walk by view.  Walk by what we see.  Walk by outward appearance. Walk by what we perceive. ( Because that could be a lie.) Walk only in the promises of God and who He says we are.

We have a choice. And, it is our individual choice! We can believe the devil, the false accuser, the father of lies.  We can choose to walk in fear.  Effectually, we will be walking around naked and exposed to the enemy.  We put off the armor of God.  We deactivate the killer power suit.  Let me be clear, the armor is still yours, but you aren’t plugged into the Almighty Power.  Repent, and it returns.  The best choice: We walk by faith and not by sight.  We believe God.  We activate the power of God to work in and through us by believing Him.  We clothe ourselves in the whole armor of God, our “Killer Power Suit.” and we “Crush it!”

I enCOURAGE you to walk by faith in our Almighty, All Powerful and All-Knowing, God.
To me “walk by faith” in the most-simple terms, means, CRUSH IT GIRL!


save-imageApril 15, 2020

Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Ephesians 6:11 (KJV)

In Ephesians 6:10 we are commanded to be endued with super special power in the Lord.  The only place we receive this power is by staying in place, plugged in to our power source, the Lord.  We cannot do life without Him.  Remember the scripture in Matthew 19:26 where Jesus said: “With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.”

Since He gives us super-power, He also saw that we needed a super-power suit.  Ephesians 6:11-18 describes in detail each of the seven perfect pieces of the suit.  Ephesian 6:11, names the “killer” outfit.  It is called the WHOLE ARMOR of God.  Don’t we all want to be “dressed to kill” by our favorite “man?” (I borrowed that phrase from one of my favorite authors, Rick Renner, who wrote, “Dressed to Kill.”)  We are not asked if we want to wear the armor.   We are told to PUT ON all seven pieces, the whole armor of God.  Put on is the Greek word enduo. It means to sink into your clothes, be arrayed, or be clothed with.  Our Supreme Authority, Issuer of His Power, has provided us with His best.  Why wouldn’t we wear it?

How do we put on our power suit?  Each morning when we get out of bed, we can figuratively and spiritually dress ourselves to kill by putting on each piece, like we do our physical clothes.  This action is a good reminder of our power suit, but we actually have to get “dressed to kill” a little differently.  God gives us the power and the armor.  We have to stay in place with Him.  We have to have to abide in Him.  We have to “walk by faith not by sight in Him.”   This is how we are dressed to kill. (I can’t wait to share tomorrow what walk by faith means to me.)

I enCOURAGE you to put on the whole armor of God!  Get ready to slay the day.  Do not forget one piece!  He specially made your “killer power suit” just for you.  Hold your head high and walk by faith in Him!  It looks so good on you!  You look marvelous!

“SHELTER IN PLACE” with the Lord

IMG_2674April 14, 2020

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Ephesians 6:10 (KJV)

The year 2020 has brought us to a place where we are under an order to “shelter-in-place” to protect us from our enemy, “the corona.”  We are asked to stay in place so that we remain strong and are not affected by the virus, the enemy.   I found in Ephesians 6:10 that Paul issued a “shelter in place order” to us, first.  Let’s unpack this verse to see what he has to say.

Finally, (what’s remaining to say; as Paul Harvey would say, “The rest of the story…”)

My brothers (born of the same womb) As Christians, we are all born again from the same Godly womb.  We are all in this TOGETHER.

Strong is the Greek word endunamoo meaning-
Be empowered.
Be made strong.
Be able to do.
Be endued with super special power.
Be empowered with explosive, like dynamite power.

In is the Greek word en denoting a fixed position in place, a relation of rest.

We are command to be endued with super special power in a fixed position.  This is not a place we move in and out of.  It is where we are quarantined.  We are commanded to “shelter in place.” Where? in the Lord.
Lord is the Greek word kyrios meaning supreme authority, who you belong to, possessor, and Sir.

We are commanded to be empowered with super special power in a fixed position, the Supreme Authority. Yes, this sounds like something out of a super-hero movie.  It is not. It is how we as followers of Christ are meant to live. I mean God is God.  We are his children.  Don’t you empower you kids to live their best lives?  Think God wants any less for us?  I do not think so!

AND… not only are we commanded to “shelter in place” with Him, but also in his power and might.  Let’s see what that means:

He’s got the POWER!
Power is the Greek word kratos.  Kratos is defined as force, might, dominion, great vigor.  Kratos power accomplishes things.  This power gets the work done.  This is the same word that was used in Ephesians 1:19-20.  The power that raised Jesus from the dead, resurrection power.

Did you know the Holy Spirit empowers you and I with the VERY SAME POWER?  We are not weaklings in Him. Paul also tells us that God Almighty backs His power with His might.

Might in Greek is ischuos meaning force, strength.  Might is the picture of the muscle behind the power. No muscles no power.

Paul commands us to be strong in the Lord, to “shelter in place” in the Lord. It’s where we get our superpowers to endure and stand against the enemy.  He also directs us to “shelter in place,”  to be strong in his power of his might.  I see God as all Powerful  and Almighty.  He has some pretty big muscles.  He has given us everything we need to fight the enemy.

I enCOURAGE you to be fearless in facing your enemy, whatever that looks like.
I enCOURAGE you to “shelter in place” with the Lord.


IMG_2637 2

April 13, 2020
by Tammy Phillips

“…lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.” Matthew 28:20

Recently, I was praying eyes closed at my dining room table, my prayer closet.  Holy Spirit said, “Look up, open your eyes.  Don’t you see Me here at the end of the table?  He said, “I am here at the end of the table. Talk to Me like it.  I am here beside you when you need Me closer.  Talk to Me like it.  I am sitting in the chair with you.  Talk to Me like it.  I am at your table.  You are at My table.  Talk to Me like it.”

One of the last things Jesus said to his disciples in Matthew 28:20:
Lo (Behold! Look! See!)
I am (I be, I am present, I exist)
with (in the midst)
you alway (every day all day, when you pray, when cry, when you praise)
even unto the end of
the world (perpetually, incessantly, invariably, at any and every time, forever.)
Amen.  (Matthew 28:20)

“See, I am present, right in the middle of this with you everyday, all day, event the end of the world, any time and every time forever.” (Loose Tammy Translation)

I enCOURAGE you to pray like you see God sitting at the end of your table, going on walks with you, riding in the car with you, everywhere you go and everything you do.  He IS WITH YOU always…to the ends of the earth…pray like it.

Easter 2020: Let’s Go!

IMG_2623April 12, 2020

And he said unto them, GO ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. (Mark 16:15)

Dear Disciple of Jesus Christ, our Risen Lord:

This year we are not celebrating Easter as we have in the past.  We will not go to church a building.  We will attend “church” online with our immediate family who lives in our home.  We will not have a big lunch celebration with all the extended family.  It will be small and intimate.  Will I miss our gathering? Yes.

However, did Jesus direct us to have a feast honoring his resurrection?  Did he have a big party with the disciples or a brunch after his Son Rise?  The answer is no.  Before his death, he said remember my body broken, my blood shed and my death, but nothing directing us to celebrate His resurrection.   (We should want to celebrate Jesus everyday with out being directed.)

However, after searching through the gospels to see what Jesus did to celebrate the most amazing happening ever,  what I discovered was not what I was looking for.  I found out that he had a couple of conversations, but they didn’t even recognize him.  Even when he met up with the disciples in Galilee, they were so amazed that they did not offer him food.  He had to ask for something to eat. They gave him a piece of broiled fish and honeycomb, not a meal fit for the risen King.

So, what did Jesus do when he gathered with his eleven disciples on the mountain in Galilee?  To paraphrase, He said, “Let’s go! My work is complete and it’s time for y’all to go to work.” He rallied his trained and prepared troops, all eleven of them.  He commissioned his troops. (Honestly, the word should have been “GO-MISSIONED.”)   He activated his army.  He presented his mission plan which looked something like this across the gospels:

  1. He established his authority in Matthew 28:18, “And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.”
  2. Who:
  • His disciples then and his future disciples, us!
  1. CoMission:
  • GO!   (Matthew 28:19 & Mark 16:15)
  1. Where:
  • Start in Jerusalem. (Luke 24:47)
  • All nations; All the World (Matthew 28:19 & March 16:15)
  1. Mission Orders:
  • Teach all to observe Jesus’ commands. (Love God and other!)
  • Preach to every creature. (Mark 16:15)
  • Preach repentance & remission of sins in his name. (Luke 24:47)
  • If they believe, they are saved. (Mark 16:16)
  • Baptize them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost.
  • Wait until you receive the promise of the Father and are endued with power from on high. (Luke 24:49)
  1. Signs of those who believe, in Jesus name: (Mark 16:17-18)
  • Cast out devils: (Devils are messengers or evil spirits of the false accuser. ) We should come against thoughts daily that are not the truth. It is throwing defeating thoughts out of our mind.  (ie: “You gonna die from the Corona!)  This could also mean to cancel out what the false messenger is telling someone else by speaking  truth or praying over them to help them beat the thoughts or actions of the enemy. It could mean exercising our God given authority and going at the enemy in another’s life, but you better be prayed and fasted up to take this on.
  • Speak with new tongues. (call me about this.  I’ll explain.)
  • Take up serpents and if they drink any deadly thing is shall not hurt them.  This is not snake handling or drinking poison.  It is believing in the divine protection of God.
  • Lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.  Pray for the sick by laying on hands.  Doctors do this everyday.  This should not be be unusual happening.
  1. Commissioned/Deployed:
  • He led them out! (Luke 24:50)
  • He lifted up his hands and blessed them. (Luke 24:50)
  • He said I will be with you until the end of the world. (Matthew 28:20)
  • They worshiped and returned to Jerusalem. (Luke 24:52)
  • They were continually in the temple praising and blessing God. (Luke 24:53)
  • They went forth and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word with signs following. (Mark 16:20)

Looking at what Jesus did after the resurrection, there should be no questions as to what we should be doing.   Jesus finished his work and passed the torch to us, his disciples.  As followers of Christ, we are charge we the same mission. We should be prepared.  We have our full armor (Ephesians 6)   It is time to deploy.

Arise, Army of God.

I enCOURAGE you in the words of our Commander in Chief,  Jesus Christ.  “ARISE!  Make up your bed! Go!”   Celebrate Jesus this year by fulfilling your “GO-MISSION.” Celebrate Jesus by telling someone about how he has changed your life.  Celebrate Jesus by proclaiming his story.  Celebrate Jesus; help someone in need.  Celebrate Jesus by sharing his love.  I enCOURAGE you to join me and follow our leader.  Follow Jesus.  He said in John 13:15, “For I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you.”  He arose, made up his bed, and went.  We must follow his example; Arise, make up our bed, and GO!  

Complete in Him and on the GO!

Tammy Phillips


IMG_0548April 11, 2020

John 1:29 “The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.

The Spirit of God was all over John the Baptist. The first time he met Jesus was in the womb of his mother and Jesus was in the womb of his mother. The Bible tell us he leapt inside his mother’s womb when they first met.  John knew by the Spirit who Jesus really was.  John was busy proclaiming the coming Messiah when he ran into Jesus twice. He did not call him by his given name.  He pointed him out by saying:


Today, STOP.


Do you know the book of Revelation is not about the end of time so much?  It is about “the Revelation of Jesus Christ?” It is about the uncovering and making known Jesus.  Do you know that the word “Jesus” only appears 12 times in Revelation, but the word “Lamb” is mentioned 26 times in reference to Jesus?  Jesus was, is and will always be the Savior, but the Lamb was the payment for our sins.  In 1 Peter 1:18-19 the Bible says we are “redeemed…with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot”

Jesus is our payment. Jesus is…

The Lamb Who was standing, as though He had been slain. -Revelation 5:6

The Lamb Who was Worthy to take the book and open the seal. -Revelation 5:3 & 6:1

The Lamb Who was, is, and will always be worshipped with harps, and songs and golden vials full of odors, which are the prayers of saints. From -Revelation 5:8

The Lamb, Who is Worthy that, was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honor, and glory, and blessing. 5:12

The Lamb who every creature proclaims: Blessing, and honor and glory and power, forever! 5:13

The Lamb who is Salvation 7:9-10

The Lamb who washes the saints of the Tribulation robes white with His blood. 7:14

The Lamb Who is the Shepherd. 7:17

The Lamb Who leads us to the living fountains of water. -Revelation 7:17

The Lamb Who empowers us to overcome by his blood  and by the word of our testimony. -Revelation 12:11

The Lamb who was slain from the foundation of the world. -Revelation 13:8

The Lamb Whose songs goes like this: “Great and marvelous [are] thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true [are] thy ways, thou King of saints.” -Revelation 15:3

The Lamb Who overcomes for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: the Lamb Who says that they that are with him [are] called, and chosen, and faithful. -Revelation 17:14

The Lamb Who Says: Write, Blessed [are] they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. 19.9

The Lamb Who along with the Lord God Almighty are the temple in the great city.    Revelation 21.22

The Lamb Who is the Light. -Revelation 21:23

The Lamb Who flows forth a pure crystal clear, river of water of life. -Revelation 22:1

I enCOURAGE you to focus on the Lamb of God, the Sacrificial Lamb who took our place and died for us!   Whatever you do today, focus on the Lamb.  Worth is the Lamb.  Glory to the Lamb.  Thank you, Most Precious Lamb!


IMG_2571 2

April 10, 2020

“This do in remembrance of me.”  Luke 22:18

Jesus does not remind us one time in scripture to celebrate his birthday.  Yet, we go all out at Christmas.  He does not even tell us to celebrate the miracle of his resurrection.  He did not throw a big party and neither did His disciples.  He does tell us to remember his work on the cross.  Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 11:23-26:  “For I have received of the Lord that which also I delivered unto you, That the Lord Jesus the [same] night in which he was betrayed took bread:  And when he (Jesus) had given thanks, he brake [it], and said, Take, eat: this is my body, which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of me.  25 After the same manner also [he took] the cup, when he had supped, saying, this cup is the new testament in my blood: this do ye, as oft as ye drink [it], in remembrance of me.  26 For as often as ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye do shew the Lord’s death till he come.”

I give you at least two hundred and forty trillion reasons why Jesus told us to remember him.  Stay with me, please.

According to the United Nations in March 2020, 7.8 billion people occupied earth.  If each person lives to be 80 years old and committs only an average of one sin per day, that calculates to about 30,000 sins in a life time.  Remember, I am only calculating one sin per day.  If we multiply, 7,800,000,000/current population of earth x 30,000/sins in a life time that equal 240,000,000,000,000 sins.

Two hundred and forty trillion sins.

Let’s be for real… that is not a realistic number.  It is pretty conservative.

Let’s calculate an average of five sins a day for eighty years.  (Before Jesus becomes Lord in your life that number is probably much higher.)  Eighty years equal twenty-nine thousand two hundred days.  29,200 days times 5 sins a day equals 146,000 sins in a lifetime. Round that number to 150,000.  Multiply 150,000 by 7.8 billion which equals 1,170,000,000,000,000!

One quadrillion, one hundred and seventy trillion sins

If this does not blow your mind, this number does not include past or future generations but only the current population on earth.  Sadly, I think the sins of the earth rival the numbers of stars in the universe.  Just say if each person in the United States tried to pay of that debt, we would each owe about $3,577,981.65.

But if you think that’s insane, think of lining up a trillion $1 bills end-to-end. They could reach the sun, 96,906,565 miles worth of dollar bills. If we equate sin to a dollar bill, Jesus would have to travel to the sun 230 to save us.  He did so much more than that.

Why does Jesus say remember me?   Remember my death on the cross?  Remember what my body and the blood shed for us?  His sacrifice and death was priceless.  IT WAS PRICELESS!  It was a magnanimous.  He paid debt we could not pay but he could.  I apologize for talking so much about sin.  However, I wanted to show how big the sin was to help illustrate how gargantuan what he did for us was.  It cost him his life, his body, his blood.

Talk about pressure! Can you imagine the weight he felt the night and the morning before he walked to his death?  Think about how one sin feels in our spirit.

Why does Jesus say remember?  We take sin way to lightly.  We need to remember what it cost him before we choose to sin one more time.

I enCOURAGE you to join me in remembering what our Savior did for us.  Remember, they laughed in his face.  They mocked him.  They spit in his face.  They beat him unmercifully. They treated him as a criminal and he did nothing wrong.  They crucified him.  They hurled offenses at him as he hung in shame, dying for us all.  He lovingly said, “Father, forgive them.  They do not know what they are doing.”  Remember, his body was broken and his blood was shed for you and I.  We sent him to the cross as much as they did.  One man, Jesus willingly went and took our place.

One body.  One death paid for it all for all of us.

“Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of [our] faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.  (Hebrews 12:2)

Thank you, Jesus!  Thank you, Father.  Thank you for your sacrifice on our behalf.  Thank you could never be enough.  Help us to sin no more!  Worthy is the Lamb!

Worthy is the Lamb by Hillsong (click link to get your praise on)



April 9, 2020

“Surely, he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, [and] from the noisome pestilence.”   Psalm 91:3

I arose and began my day and as I passed by the mirror, I glanced at myself.  I did not like what I saw.  The person looking back at me, frightened me.  I did not recognize her.  She looked worried.  In one of the craziest 48 hours I have ever endured, I had listened to the all the “noisome pestilence.”  The noise was loud and coming from EVERY direction like fiery darts.  I had let the noise affect and distract me.  It had briefly infected me like the stupid virus they were ranting about.

What had contaminated me? the “noisome “which in Hebrew is the word havah which means mischievous, calamity, ruin, fall, destructive…and derives from the word “havah” which means to breath, rush headlong in to.

And, the “Pestilence” which is the Hebrew word deber.  It means plague, destruction, death, BUT it comes from the word dabar which means…WORDS, to put words in order, to plot against, to lay snares to destroy.

When I say I listened to the noisome pestilence, to me it means I listened to the mischievous breath of words put in order to plague, trap and destroy me!  All the media outlets used words to incite me to fear and I took the bait.  BUT GOD… in a moment that morning, delivered and snatched me away from the “snares of the fowler,” the bait-layer.  He allowed me to see me!     I immediately chose Jesus!  I chose to listen to the Words of my Daddy.  “Surely, he will deliver me!”  I smiled big in that mirror and said, “Not today!  Fear you don’t own me!  My Daddy has got me!”

I enCOURAGE you to not take the bait of the enemy!   He is a noisy pest.  Don’t worry during this troublesome time.  Rejoice in the saving words of our Heavenly Father!   Smile and put your praise on! And, turn off the noise!


IMG_1822April 8, 2020

 “Don’t worry about anything, but in everything, pray… ” (Philippians 4:6-CSB)

As I hugged my husband the morning of  March 23, 2020, the Holy Spirit surprised me and reminded me of a precious moment in my life.  I had not thought about it in a very long time. It was an unbelievable, timely reminder.

Travel back a few years with me, I was a Mom of two young boys, a three-year-old and an eight-month-old.  It was December of 1997 and I was excited to celebrate my youngest’s first Christmas.  I worked for a company headquartered in Atlanta.  I was the branch manager for the Clarksville, Tennessee office.  My immediate boss’ flew me to Atlanta for what I thought was going to be a promotion.  I was blindsided.  They had flown me to Atlanta to inform me that they were closing the Clarksville office effective immediately.  I was in shock.

And, I had to return and deliver the news to my whole team.

On the flight back home, it was all I could do to hold back my tears.  God mercifully placed a sweet Jamaican woman right beside me.  We exchanged pleasantries.  I don’t remember everything about that encounter, but I remember telling her my story.   I remember confessing my faith in God and her agreement.   I am sure she could see and feel my distress.  She offered me encouragement.  Her words still loudly echo through my mind just like the Bob Marley lyrics, “Gurl, don’t worry about a thing. ‘Cause every things gonna be all right!” That’s what she said!

She exited the plane before I did.  I tried to catch up with her as the passengers parted on the ramp.  She was gone.  She was nowhere to be found. With all my heart, I believe God sent a ministering angel to me in that special moment.

Today, the Holy Spirit used her memory and words to encourage me again.  They just happen to be the same words of Paul.  Bob Marley just happened to turn Paul’s words into the lyrics of a song which I hummed all day!

I enCOURAGE you to sing when you are shaken.  Sing with when you are afraid. Sing when you are mourning.  Sing when the nation is at unrest.  Sing when you are sad.  Singin’:

“Don’t worry ’bout a thing,
‘Cause every little things gonna be all right.”
Singin’: “Don’t worry (don’t worry) ’bout a thing,
‘Cause every little things gonna be all right!”

Can you hear her? Can you hear God? I can.



April 6, 2020

2 Chronicles 7:14 (KJV) If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will HEAL their land.

I think we can agree that our world, our United States. and we need healing. We are broken and our land is sick. I am broken in places, but I am not claiming any sickness, ever.

The Truth says we “are” healed:  Isaiah 53:5 (KJV) But he [was] wounded for our transgressions, [he was] bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace [was] upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

The Truth says we were healed: 1 Peter 2:24 (KJV) Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

The Truth says we will be healed.

Our bodies may have symptoms, but the Word says we are healed!  Our nation may have symptom’s, but the Word says He will heal our land.  There is no sickness the Great Physician cannot heal.  Look at the word healed in Hebrew. It is the word rapha. I LOVE THIS WORD!!!  It means cure, repair, physician, properly, to mend by stitching thoroughly, to sew together, to make whole.

The Lord reveals one aspect of himself in Exodus 15:26 when he says, “I am Yĕhovah Rapha, I am the Lord that heals you.”  The Lord is the one who was, is, and will be. (Revelation 1:8)   The Lord was our Healer.  The Lord is our Healer.  The Lord will be our Healer.

He has told us what to do….Be humble. Pray. Seek His face. Repent. Turn from our wicked ways; He will hear from heaven.  He will forgive our sin. He will heal our land.  God, who created us whole, takes the broken pieces of our lives, our mess, and heals us. He sews the pieces back together and makes us new, better than before.  He makes us the way we ought to be. We are saved. We are whole, healed and complete!

Psalms 103:2-4 (KJV) 2 Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: 3 Who forgives all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; 4 Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies;  

God is saying: “Awake people to what is important. Your land is sick.  You need me.  I AM is the only one who can heal!” I am awake. Are you?  I am going to follow the prescription of 2 Chronicles 7:14:

  1. I am going to humble myself before God . It’s not like I can hide my sin anyways. I have struggled with weight all my life. I have surrendered this area of my life more times than I count, but I haven’t left the race. I am going to keep running and surrender it again. The sin is I pick it up again. My routine will be that I will surrender every day at the beginning of the day. I will give my day to the Lord.
  2. I am praying and asking you to pray for me. If I had corona or cancer, I would have a list a mile-long praying for me. Join me in the good fight. I am asking God again to free me from my addiction to food.  I am asking Him to help me work through any other areas where I need to turn.
  3. I will daily seek His face. I will seek Him for a plan on how to conqueror this once and for all. I will seek his help on how to deal with any other areas of surrender needed in my life.
  4. I turn! I surrender. I choose you God over food!  I choose life. I choose to eat healthy every day. I choose to exercise. I choose self-control.
  5. I expect to hear from heaven always.
  6. I know God has already forgiven my sin through Jesus; My Savior has healed me. Remember, he didn’t just come to save us and give us eternal life. He came to save (heal, whole, complete) us NOW’
  7. I know I was healed. I am healed. I will be healed. I know I was saved. I am saved and I will be saved. “Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for thou [art] my praise. (Jeremiah 17:14)

I enCOURAGE you to run to the Great Physician and let him sew you up.  What areas do you need Him to heal you?  How can I pray for you?  Be healed.  Be whole.  Be complete.  I know “He heals the broken in heart and binds up their wounds.”  (Psalms 147:3)



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