by Joanne Ross
December 12, 2021

“Your regulations remain true to this day, for everything serves your plans.” (Psalm 119:91 NLT)

My son and granddaughter live in California.  I was on the ball and sent their Christmas gifts out early. They arrived without delay…to the WRONG address.  I realized on a Tuesday that I had sent the gifts to the incorrect address.   They were misdirected but had arrived.  I cried out, “Oh, Lord, I need your help!  I sure can’t see the divine appointment in this.”    I declared soon after Holy Spirit gave me Psalm 119:91, “This can serve you plans.”

I confessed my mistake to my son, Kevin, the next day.   He drove the short fifteen minutes to “wrong” address on Wednesday in hopes of gathering their gifts. The residents were not home.  He left them a note with his contact information.

Thursday morning…

Answered Prayer!! Kevin received a call back from the family that I accidentally sent he & Izzy’s gifts to.  He said she was Middle Eastern and very nice. She said—in a rather thick accent, “Thank God, you left me the note last night with your number…I was going to take everything to the Post Office this morning.” She was so excited to connect with him.  It sounds like she may have been praying too. She was very honest and nice like I had prayed for! She even gave them a gift—a big box of chocolates.

I decided to send them a “Thank you for saving Christmas!” gift back. She has three children: 2 girls & one boy–ages 13,12 and 8.  The boy is the youngest.  The excited children had opened the first box before they realized the gifts were not for them.  Please say a prayer of blessings upon them with me—God is so good—even when we make silly mistakes.  It had been five years since Kevin lived at that house.

When I shared the story with sister Carol.  She replied, “Oh my goodness!! God is so wonderful!!  What a sweet story with God’s fingerprints all over it and such a sweet woman to even give a blessing of chocolates!  Praying the Lord will bless her richly in return.”

It is the sweetest story of God’s grace, provision and plan even in our mistakes.

I enCOURAGE you to know that His word is true and  “everything does serve His plans.”  They blessed us and now we are going to bless them.  I have told this story to a few sisters.  Along with me, they are sending gifts boxes to the sweet family that saved Christmas for my family.  And it was all in God’s plan!


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